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Dec 25, 2008 09:37 PM

Nobu? Koi? Yellowtail? Social House? (Las Vegas)

Please help us choose where to go for sushi...we're going for our 25th wedding anniversary. We are going to Rosemary's for dinner and need a great sushi place. We've been to was it still? Or should we try the others?

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  1. Nobu is great. We also enjoyed Okada at the Wynn a lot. Koi is also good, but I would suggest Okada first. Have fun.


    1. Nobu is great. Social house is equally good but a bit different. It has wonderful creative sushi and non sushi dishes, including an amazing bone-in filet that is cooked medium rare and comes with 3 sauces. If you are leaning towards sushi, go for nobu. if you want to venture out and try some sushi and some non sushi items, go social house. Both have a similar clubish type vibe.

      Yellowtail is pricey and the portions comically tiny. The food is good though and you get to see the water show. Id rate it below Nobu and Scial House.

      1. Avoid Yellowtail at all costs. The signature rolls there are borderline comical and the prices are ridiculous for the quality. The atmosphere also doesn't strike me as a romantic place to spend your 25th wedding anniversary. I doubt this restaurant makes it long in its current form.

        I did enjoy Okada tremendously when I went a number of years ago. The sushi was very fresh and cut well, but the prices are high, so be prepared. As compared to Yellowtail, the atmosphere at Okada is much nicer. They also have tables by the Wynn waterfall which would be nice for your anniversary if you aren't wanting to sit at the sushi or robata bars.

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          You may want to consider Wazuzu at Encore. Not just sushi (also Thai and Vietnamese), but some very creative rolls.

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            since you are willing to hit non-strip spots, how about Sen of Japan ( desert Inn and i believe Buffalo - possibly even farther west ) - ex-nobu chef, very good !

            If strip preferred and $$ no object - Okada is THE spot