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Dec 25, 2008 09:17 PM

BeaterBlade+ - worth it?

I did a search on this Board for BeaterBlade and came up with this thread, most of which has to do with a similar product called SideSwipe:

The BeaterBlade+ is about $25 for the KA tilt-head mixer (which I have) and I'm wondering if it's worth the money. I do admit I haven't shopped it yet, I'm going off the amount cited in a blurb in Bon Appetit.

I bake fairly frequently and I'm always frustrated by the amount of times I have to scrape down the bowl.

Any further input on whether this product is worth the money?


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  1. I bought one a while back, and I'm very happy with it. I haven't used the regular flat beater since I got it.

    1. I got one and I used it for my Christmas baking. It did a fine job of mixing and scraping the bowl but it was devilish to get off the shaft on my 30+ year old model.

      ...probably not a problem for anyone with a more current model but frustrating for me. =o

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      1. re: rainey

        Rainey: Please contact the manufacturer as the fit should not be tight. Thanks.

        1. re: Decision

          It wasn't so much "tight" as too short so that I couldn't push it against the spring and lift it so that I could rotate it to the best position to slide down the shaft.

          I'll take your advice and contact the manufacturer if I find the time to research how to reach them. That info went in the trash with the packaging.