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Dec 25, 2008 07:09 PM

Lunch on Saturday/Dallas

My wife, 16 year old daughter and I will be in Dallas for a wedding on Saturday, January 3. We're staying at the Westin Galleria and will have a car. We have one unplanned meal--lunch on Saturday--and need suggestions. We won't want to drive too far. I have one non-Mexican food person and one non-Asian food person in our threesome. Friday night is Italian. (Bugatti Ristorante. Thoughts?) We don't want to spend a fortune on lunch, but do like good, non-chain food and spending a few extra dollars is not an issue. Thanks.

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  1. You have a very good place in your hotel called the Second floor.

    If you want to walk, you are inside the Galleria mall which has several good places to eat. If you want to drive, you are no more than 2 miles from at least 50 restaurants on Beltline road (the second exit north on the tollway).

    Check out some of these:

    For Italian near your hotel Id go to Mi piaci or Ferraris:

    1. I love Afrah Lebanese food. They have really good homemade baklava and shish kabab, shwarma type stuff. You are actually close to Addison which has a ton of restaurants. I haven't been to a great place in Addison, but maybe someone else on the board can recommend something. Afrah is my favorite place in the entire DFW area. For the money, it just can't be beat. Chicken tawook is what I usually order. Falafel is also amazing.

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        Good thought about middle eastern but for the money the best in my opionion is now Dimassi's on Franford & Preston NW Corner The food is as good or better than most in town and $12 for dinner including everything.

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          I'll have to try Dimassi's. Afrah is fresh to order and about the same price for a dinner. Unless you are a teenage boy, the quantity they give you is more than enough. I always pack up enough for lunch the next day. They keep the fresh pita coming. However, you won't get the variety of a buffet. I like my grilled food really fresh. It doesn't matter so much with stews and stuff. Afrah is family owned and one of the owners is always there. They gave me free baklava on my first visit because I asked if it was made with ghee. It's really first rate baklava.