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Dec 25, 2008 06:58 PM

Best Tasting Menu?

I'll be in Philadelphia for one night, and I am seeking the city's best multi-course tasting menu? Suggestions, please.

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  1. If you're lucky enough to get in - Vetri - hands down! If not, La Croix, Gayle & Matyson have great tasting menus also.

    1. Both Tinto and Amada have great tasting menus. Because the food at both is small plates/ tapas, it lends itself very very well to the tasting atmosphere.
      Amada has a few different options price wise, and a very reasonable wine pairing. Tinto's tasting menu is pure art!
      I highly recommend both.

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      1. re: Marianna215

        The thing I don't like about Amada and Tinto for tasting menus is that they just take items off of the regular menu. I think a true tasting menu should be created by the chef that evening.

      2. Vetri, without a doubt.

        1. What night are we talking about, exactly? The Thursday night tasting menu at Zahav is fantastic. If it's far enough in advance you can make a reservation at Vetri, I believe they only do the tasting menu on Friday and Saturday but I've never had it, so I may be wrong.

          I agree with Philly Ray on the Amada/Tinto 'tasting' menus, they're really just a selection of things off the regular menu, not what you're looking for I don't think. Both places are very good though.

          The executive chef at Lacroix left there recently, so you may not want to go there just now, at least not for the tasting menu.

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          1. re: Buckethead

            For Vetri, only the tasting menu is offered on Saturday nights, but on other nights you have the choice of ordering off of the regular menu or having a tasting menu.

            Does anyone know if The Fountain does a tasting menu? That would be a good place also if they do.

            I also forgot about Morimoto's omakase. If you like Japanese/sushi, it's well worth it. They do take some items off of the regular menu, but the more you spend the better the dishes are.