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Dec 25, 2008 05:42 PM

Where to eat in King City?

Since the demise of Keefer's, a now defunct, formerly favorite restaurant in King City, famed for its pink beans and burgers, my family and I have been at a loss as to where to stop for lunch on our many road trips from the greater San Francisco Bay Area, where we have lived all our lives, to L.A., Santa Barbara, or San Diego.

We've been looking up Mexican restaurants in King City online, and there are three that get mentioned - El Lugarcito, Guadalajara, and Restaurante El Sinaloaense.

Anyone have any experience at one of these places? Is there somewhere else you might recommend.

Many thanks!

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  1. there have been numerous reports about King City in the past 3 or 4 years, but darned if I can find them all.

    Here's one from 2006 with a few updates. The concensous is that there's many Mexican food options available.

    Melanie Wong has also done considerable chowchounding throughout the Salinas Valley from Salinas (many many posts) to King City and between. Search her 'recent posts' for more chow gold.

    Paso Robles has positivly bloomed sincethe 90's; more fine dining and bistro places, as opposed to the Mexican theme that runs through the Salinas Valley. Drop a bit further south to San Luis Obispo, Avila and Pismo Beaches, etc., and there are many more options yet. Search "Central Coast" to find chow spots from Paso south to the Santa Ynez Valley. You could spend a week discovering all the chowish spots.

    1. Here's all the posts just within the past year from a search on CA board for "King City" (inside quotes)

      1. We stop at El Taco Bravo Restaurant 550 Canal St, King City, CA. There is on offramp off Northbound 101 and just take it and drive towards the Safeway Store. You will see El Taco Bravo on your left after entering the parking lot. Last time we were there several Sheriff Deputies were ordering and told us they thought it was the best in town for Mexican food It's very tasty, clean, fast, good seating and reasonably priced.

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          The 'Canal Street' exit is the one just near the Safeway center.

        2. If you are traveling up or down 101, try Soledad which is close enough, has given itself a face lift and there are some family Mexican restaurants along the main street to try. I think the one I usually stop at is La Fuentes at the south end of town - food okay, but a nice family feelling and colorful decor.