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Dec 25, 2008 05:30 PM

Louis Las Vegas and Fish camp

the menu sounds very interesting, and i don't think i've ever tried low country, souther carolina, charleston, sc style cuisine.

anyhow, is it good and worth a shot. also, would a single diner feel comfortable eating at the more formal Louis Las Vegas?

also, how's the fish camp, a fast-food version of louis, also can you order the same dishes from louis if you're at fish camp?

i presume louis is also only open for dinner.

thanks for your help and suggestions.

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    1. re: vegasmike

      thanks, you might actually be right, considering i called repeatedly, on both telephone lines and got no response although the website is still up.

      if you happen to have any other info that would be great.

    2. We only had one lunch at Fish Camp. It was fine, adequate, not great. We never got to Louis to eat but did have a look around, checked out the menu, chatted with Louis a bit. Louis was much more formal looking. I don't think the menus had much if any crossover. Louis was open for dinner and definitely for Sunday brunch, not sure about Saturday brunch, definitely not open for weekday lunch. It wouldn't surprise me if they are closed because the time we went to Fish Camp they were very empty. The location was problematic, I think. The dinner menu at Louis seemed like there would have been some crossover with Rosemary's.

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      1. re: Debbie W

        i called up the Town Square complex's phone line and they said both restaurants closed up shop about a month and a half ago.

        it's just intersting because the menu sounds like something i can get anywhere else, unless i went to the low country south.

        1. re: kevin

          I only tried The Camp and was disappointed. planned to try a 2nd time, hoping it was a new opening workin' the kinks out thing but they closed. the more formal Louis' closed a few months after the Camp.
          As much as the Strip is feelin' the pain, the local places are also feelin' it - i was at La Gelosita on Monday - noticed that White Chocolate Grill and Steele's in the same center have closed. They are still building BJ's ( the chain ) in that center.

          1. re: kjs

            chains are definitely more recession proof, by their very nature. not good info for chowhounds though.

          2. re: kevin

            Sad to hear that they have closed! We had dinner at Louis' Fish Camp earlier this year and thought it was wonderful - terrific shrimp and grits! I definitely would have gone back there again. Oh well!