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Dec 25, 2008 04:46 PM

1 Day Left in Atlanta (I'm Already Here), Need Stellar Cheap Eats

Hi, I appreciate everyone's expediency on this one. I'm in Marietta, GA and plan to spend the next day doing some serious Southern-style chowhounding. I want cheap, local food, preferring shacks, diners and dives over restaurants proper. Fried chicken livers are a favorite. Please share your recommendations, post haste, for places with good eats and a ton of atmosphere. And happy holidays!

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  1. Try Ria's Bluebird Cafe in Grant Park. Great breakfast and lunch fare; not really a dive per se but amazing food, well-priced, good service, and a great location across from Oakland Cemetery (the oldest in town).

    1. You MUST go to marietta diner for dessert !!! they have th best cakes... and one slice is big enough for two ! it's in marietta of cobb pkwy