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Dec 25, 2008 04:20 PM

I just discovered this site and I could surf it for hours...unfortunately about half that time is waiting for the $#%^@&*^!! pages to load. Is it just my elderly computer/backwoods cheap phone lines, or has anyone else had a similar maddening problem?

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  1. No. I think the site is horrific. There are times that I want to get a Barefoot Contessa or Tyler Florence recipe and I have to wait forever for the page to load--it's awful. The old FN site was much better. are not alone!

    1. I think their site is terrible. I have a brand new pc with lots of RAM, and I can't stand their site still.


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      1. re: puppymomma

        I've got an 8 year old computer, short on RAM. The problem is site traffic, your super amazing fantastic computing machine has nothing to do with it. Most of the time the site loads fine. Actual content quality is another matter.

      2. You're not alone, Kinnexa, their new site is awful.

        1. Agreed. For some reason they set out to destroy their web site and have succeeded.
          I rarely watch any more. It's too difficult to find the schedule, and printed versions of recipes.

          1. How can these chef "stars" put up with a network website that just does NOT work???
            This has been going on way to long. Some food network executive should be fired.
            It is not only slow but today it just kicks you off the page when attempting to get a recipe.
            I will no longer use it OR purchase these stars cookbooks.