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any good restos anywhere in south Scar close to guildwood?

I work downtown and just moved to Guildwood in Scarborough and can barely find anywhere remotely close that is decent for dineout or even pick up.
I have found Black Dog Pub ( a bit east of me but great for lunch or brunch .. they need to renovate though.
Zen for Sushi a bit west that is okay but they don't deliver and it is very tiny..hard to get a table.
Any suggestions I am used to having so much and hate franchises!

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  1. In Highland Creek I'd suggest Fratelli Village Pizzeria on Old Kingston Rd and the Highland Creek Overpass. Excellent wood oven pizzas and a great calamari starter, good tiramisu as well.

    For takeout Indian down the street from Fratelli I'd look into Cheetal at Military Trail & Old Kingston Rd, a tad oily but most of the mains are very good.

    These are my only real recommendations close to the area you're looking into.

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      Thanks I'll try those..it looks like that is it in this area ...pretty sad.

    2. Zen if you want sushi.
      Eglinton and Brimley.

      1. +1 i'd love to know good places to eat.

        i've lived in the area my entire life (22years) and i haven't been to any of the restaurants in the area except the olde stone cottage for beer and wings, which aren't very good...and zen, which i love.

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          i worked in the area for 2 years. sadly, as you probably can attest, there aren't a lot of food options.
          Little Bavaria was really greasy.
          I've heard mixed things about the Czech restaurant near the golf course.
          otherwise...not much around there.

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            If you don't mind going a bit closer into Toronto, there is a few good ones around Midland and Kingston road. Vincent's spot for Italian/International cuisine, it is a prix fix menu. The Tara Inn for decent wings and good meat pies.

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              Vincent's Spot is great. I've also heard there are a lot of good new places along Kingston Rd between Midland and Kennedy but we have yet to try them.

              We tend to go a little further west along Kingston Rd for good pub food at Feathers.

              There's also Krispy Roll at Warden and Eglinton.

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                best fish and chips in the city...Duckworth's.. on kingston road just west of midland

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                  Other options for fish and chips, are by the bluffs on Kingston Road and Fenwood, on the south side, or a little greek place on the north side of Eglington (I can't remember the name) but it is just east of Markham Road (in the same strip plaza as Little Barvarian). The fish is huge and their chips are great. I haven't been out there in a bit since I moved to Hamilton, but I used to be at Kingston road and Pine ridge (between McCowan and Bellamy)

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                  So, I went to Vincent's Spot tonight with high hopes and was, sadly, disappointed. Full of old-world charm, in a kitschy way, it was quite cute and comfy. All entrées come with garlic bread, a clam appetizer, caesar salad, and dessert. The garlic bread, brought hot to the table, wrapped in a cloth napkin looked promising, till I realized it is of the bright yellow variety (slathered in margarine, I presume); not how I make my garlic bread, but it was well done for what it was. The clam appetizer came on the half shell and the waitress described it as a "paté" made with mashed potatoes and clams. I couldn't detect any clam flavour, and found it bland, except that there was a hint of heat (spice) at the finish. Caesar salads arrived, and sadly, they were slathered in an overly watery dressing. Then onto the mains. I ordered the house dish Veal Villaroy or something like that, and Hubby ordered the char-grilled striploin steak. Both mains came with a single lightly roasted potato and a stalk of boiled broccoli. Neither sides showed any evidence of seasoning. My veal had some sort of damp breading on it that seemed to have been fried at some point, though there wasn't the slightest crispiness to it. Alas, it had a bad oil flavour to it that wasn't masked by the, again, flavourless mushroom cream sauce that was just screaming out for some shallots, sherry, or tarragon. Hubby's steak was nothing special, for sure; it was a piece of meat cooked to order. Only one kind of dessert was offered to us as part of the combination (and it seems that every dinner served there is part of the same combo), a custard cake. The pieces looked like they had endured some butchering, and they were what we expected given the rest of the meal. Bland, with nothing to commend them, and mostly left on our plate.

                  As we were exiting the restaurant, the woman sitting at the next table commented to her dining partner, "See they didn't like the cake either", and then to my husband "Not so great, is it?" Not so great...

                  When considering the price (my dinner was $22 and Hubby's $26), I guess it was a lot of food, but if the quality's not there, who cares? (Well, I guess I don't, but the place was surprisingly full...)

                  Bistro Camino offers combos in the same price range; the decor isn't as cosy or romantic (however, both are in need of some renos), but the food at BC is head and shoulders above Vincent's Spot.

          2. I'm definitely happy that there is a post about this. I live in the G-Dub and like to find new epicurean gems around here. I second just about all of the other recommendations thus far:

            - Fratelli is a good little Italian spot.
            - Cheetal is what I would refer to as ghetto-fabulous -- a typical Scarborough dive with delicious, CHEAP food -- and run by a really nice family. I swear by this place for Indian.
            - If you are looking for a good burger out that way, I think Shamrock Burgers is awesome (get the homeburger).
            - Black Dog is a solid restaurant, but I think their popularity relies a bit on their monopoly of the good North American restaurant situation out this way.

            - While Zen is the best Japanese restaurant out this way in Scarborough proper, I went to a phenomenal place out on Kingston Road between Altona & Whites (about 20min from GW), called Kobo Gourmet. (http://www.kobogourmet.com/) It is a totally unassuming joint in a little strip mall on the north side of Kingston, but it is easily the best Japanese restaurant I have been to in Toronto (not just Scarborough). Everything is fresh made, right down to the miso soup (made from local organic miso). I chatted with the chef for a bit after my meal, and this guy knows what he is doing.

            - Nearer the Guild, there is agreat Thai joint on the south side of Kingston, between Brimley & St. Clair. It's called Thai Cashew. Like Cheetal, it lacks on the decor side, but they make delicious curries (the massaman especially), and the it's a great little family that runs it.

            That is about all I can think of right now for my Southeast Scarborough great eats. I'd love to keep hearing more suggestions for places to eat around here.

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              i grew up eating guildwood pizza and given the state of franchise pizza joints the pizza in guildwood is good..not great but better than most...

              1. re: Jurgen

                Cheetal is great, I've eaten at a few places around the city and still find it to be the best. You can feed 4-5 people easily for $35. I always take out.

                Excellent chicken vindaloo, naan, curry, chicken tikka, reshmi tikka, aloo gobi, paneer makhni, channa masala, and vegetable samosas.

                Some dishes can be a bit oily as I've said but it's very, very good.

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                  I'm going to second Kobo! Just went for the first time last night, and it was outstanding! Fresh, delicious and inexpensive. Service was excellent...very friendly. I wish I'd known about this place sooner. I'm already planning my next visit!

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                    Kobo is so close to me and I haven't gone yet!. I'll be there soon.

                    512 Kingston Rd, Pickering, ON L1V1A6, CA

                2. Consider Mandalay at Markham Rd. and Lawrence -- I think it is probably the best restaurant near the Guildwood area. I wrote a brief review here:


                  and you can see the menu and pictures of many dishes on their web site:


                  1. As others have suggested, Fratelli's Pizzaria in Highland Creek (go east on Kingston Rd., take the Highland Creek Overpass ramp and go north - left at the stop sign - left at the lights). The only problem with Fratelli's is it's getting busier and busier so go early to get a table.

                    For fish and chips try Malt and Salt on Lawson and Centennial (again go east on Kingston Rd. - take the Highland Creek Overpass ramp but instead of going left at the stop sign, go straight - it's on the south side in a strip mall). Another good fish and chips, but not as good as Malt and Salt, is Highland Fish and Chips on Ellesmere and Conlins.

                    For roti and other West Indian fare try Caribbean Wave at the Smart Centre at 401 and Morningside. It's located further down from the Swiss Chalet, Harvey's and Mr. Greek Juniors.

                    For Vietnamese try Pho Dau Bo at Lawrence and Markham. Great Pho and spring rolls.

                    For Indian food, try the Indian Spice Kitchen on the west side of Markham just south of Painted Post. It's vegetarian Indian. As others have suggested, Cheetal is very good and cheap!

                    Happy eating.

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                      Malt 'N Salt is also in west Pickering. The fry master takes great care in preparing the food, even dipping the fish into the batter four or five times until the coating is right.

                      Malt N Salt
                      750 Oklahoma Dr, Pickering, ON L1W3G9, CA

                      Malt N Salt - duplicate
                      285 Lawson Rd, Toronto, ON M1C, CA

                    2. another great place i recently discovered is Portugril at Danforth and Birthmount. They have great sandwiches (pulled pork, chicken, roast beef) and their chicken with piri piri sauce is pretty good too. They also have portugese egg tarts and various croquettes (these are sold at room temp so i'd recommend taking them home and heat it up first befire you eat it). i like everything i tried there except the rice (its not bad, just bland.) Its a small family run place with a few tables that you can eat in. Price is very resonable. They also have a website. http://www.portugril.com

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                        you like Portugril?...I tried only the chicken when it first openned and was very excited because I thought it would be like the Churasco on Eglinton and Mountpleasant....sadly no comparison...I haven't tried their sandwiches though..maybe I'll give it another try.
                        I tried Fraitellis and liked it..friendly service and decent food.
                        Very excited about Kobos looking forward on trying it and cheetals
                        Anyone else been to By the Bluffs?
                        Excited they are finally rebuilding Guildwood Gardens...i hope a decent restaurant will be in there for the neighboorhood!!!

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                          I've been to by the bluffs for breakfast and it was really good. Their pancakes were tasty. They already had the pies in the pie case for the day when we went and they looked delicious. Still have to go back to try them :)

                          1. re: cynthias

                            Did you have the rotisserie chicken? or the grilled one? I tried the grilled one with Piri Piri sauce and it was quite tasty. That being said, the sandwiches are probably much more impressive than the chicken. My fiance went back with a few of his coworkers and they ordered one of each of the sandwiches to share and they all loved it as well.

                            1. re: helen0505

                              I love the pulled pork sandwhich. My wife has had the grilled chicken and quite liked it, and the kids have had the chicken pasta. It was penne in a rose sauce, and the chicken gave it a lovely smoky flavor. We've also had the cod fritters and loved them. I am a big fan of their hot sauces as well... great on the meats and on the fries.

                        2. Hey there!
                          Glad to hear there are other G-Dubs (never heard that one before, nice) searching for good restos in the Scarborough area.
                          Here are a few places that haven't been mentioned yet.
                          Working Dog (on St. Clair just east of Midland) is a new pub opened by a couple of fellow G-dubs... really nicely renovated space and good food, daily salad specials. Great place to stop for a drink on the way home.

                          Willy's (on Eg. just west of Markham on the North side) great Jerk. Take out only.

                          I hear Vi Pei on KR (that's Kingston Road..) is really good too... but sadly, I haven't been yet.
                          I can't wait to check out Cheetal & Portugril.

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                            The Working Dog was probably not mentioned for a very good reason although I live in the hood and this is my go to place for a beer with the boys and to watch the game the food is TERRIBLE!!!! I agree the reno is head and shoulders better than it was as the Bearded Chip. But the food OMG. Frozen pizza, bland wings served in a Dog bowl!?!?!?! Make no mistake....The only reason this place has any traffic is because they serve alcohol and it's convenient..

                          2. Lots of Guild people seem to like good food, a shame we have so few restaurants in the guild proper. Fortunately I find with a little bit of driving we have some good ones. in that regard, I have to agree with the recommendations on Fratelli, Tara Inn, Zen, By the Bluffs, Pho Dau Bo, and Portugril.

                            For cheap but good Indian there is also Shahi-Karahi in the small plaza on lawrence just east of the plaza with Pho Dau Bo. A little on the spicier side, so timid taste buds be warned.

                            I am a big fan of good food on the cheap as well as diners so I have to add Ted's to the list (just east of Fratelli's). I also have to re-mention the stone cottage when talking cheap and good. I love that their beer is a reasonable price, and I find a number of their dishes really tasty and a steal at the prices they charge. In particular, I always look forward to seeing what their specials are, as they can have some real deals. IE 5 beef ribs with fries for $9, and they do a pastry wrapped meatloaf that's really good as well.

                            New and on the cheap in the breakfast world is a place called Sunny Up on Kingston just before the overpass. It's in an old fish and chip location. Eggs, real home fries and bacon for under $3!

                            If you go east on Eglington after Markham you will begin to notice a bunch of halal pizza joints. They are all dives, but some have some real treats waiting inside. I don't recall the name, but there is one near the swiss chalet and across from the GO station that has some delicious afghany dumplings and a variety of kebabs to go along with the pizza.

                            Also, while one poster has commented negatively about Little Bavaria, I quite enjoyed it and didn't find the schnitzel too greasy at all. If Schnitzel is your thing, I would recommend you try it out.

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                              I liked the schnitzel from Little Bavaria as well. I think the grease level depends on which one you order as there are so many different sauces etc.

                            2. Fratelli's is delicious. We get the grilled seafood platter as an appetizer to share as a family it's so good!

                              Ted's just a few steps away is always reliable for a good cheap breakfast.

                              I LOVE Guildwood Pizza and Burger, more from the nostalgia of growing up in Guildwood for anything else. Yes, their burgers and fries are frozen. I like the pizza there and their souvlaki and greek salad have always been tasty to me. I can always get a tasty meal, and I don't worry that it's not top quality products.

                              Perfect Chinese at Brimley and Sheppard is good, but a little out of the way.

                              Federicks at Bellamy and Ellesmere is wonderful. Their chicken wings are SO good.

                              I miss the Guildwood bakery. Sigh, it was so tasty.