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Dec 25, 2008 03:02 PM

need a chinese seafood replacement for Kam Chueh--and not Oriental Garden!

haven't been to chinatown obviously in a while, because i had no idea Kam Chueh had closed. That was our favorite for went to Oriental Garden as a backup, was not as good (and definitely much more expensive) as I remembered. Anyone have a good reco? Fuleen? Need razor clams/flowering chives/salt and pepper shrimp!!!!

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  1. I was at Fuleen a few months ago. It's decent but I won't say it's the best Chinese seafood I have ever had (I think ones in LA is better). Since you have heard about it, I guess you can still check it out and see if you like their food. There were some posts about Fuleen on this board (that's why I visited!) that you can review and decide on your own.

    I think a lot of folks here also like Congee Village but I never really liked it. They do offer a wide variety of seafood, however. Not sure about how you feel regarding waiting in line for food, but I think Congee Village has a longer wait on weekends.

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      Congee Village is usually insane on weekends.

      vssc1, you could try Wing Shoon on East Broadway and Essex (technically, I think it's on Rutgers St.). Congee Village has a wider variety of offerings on its menu, but Wing Shoon does a good job on fish and seafood and also serves possibly the best soy sauce chicken in Manhattan, and it's a better bet not to be totally slammed tonight.

      I really don't think I should comment about Fuleen, because it's been so long since I've been there.

    2. I'm a big fan of Amazing 66. The lobster vermicelli casserole and the crab with garlic on ribbon noodles make up somewhat for the loss of Kam Cheuh although I don't know where to get Alaskan King crab post-KC.