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Dec 25, 2008 02:45 PM

Long Island dim sum

After years of going to Fortune Wheel, we decided to try The Orient in Bethpage today. It was great. We arrived around 11 am to beat the crowds. Food was hot, fresh and varied, and they seemed to really want to serve us, rather than at Fortune Wheel where it is hard to get them to give you the time of day. It's like having people there is an afterthought. The tables are further apart, and there all tables are on one level, so all carts can get to all tables. They offered all of my son's favorites, so he was thrilled, and whatever we asked for they happily brought. Even changed our plates for us a few times, what a novelty. I think we are sold on this place now.

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  1. Didn't realize they had dim sum during the week, or was it only for the holiday?

    1. funny-I had just the opposite experience at the Orient. One time we went there for dim, most of the restaurant was a booked party with only 2 free tables. We did not realize this until we sat down and everyone was getting served first but us. We had to ask for the complementary appetizer and plum soup being served on another occasion, but noticed Asians were being served it as soon as they sat down. Maybe they felt Westerners would not like it, but at least ask. Another time we had reservations for a party of six and the table they gave us was right in front of the door. Other tables were available and asked for a back table and only got it after saying we are going to leave. Just be careful and observant when you go there. They had their 3 strikes with me. At Fortune wheel- ask for Francis- he will take good care of you.

      1. Hmm... after reading other's posts had to jump in on this one. Just went to Fortune Wheel for the first time a few days before Christmas. Lunchtime, around one p.m., and there were only six or so customers in the place. I expected the dim sum carts, but instead was given a menu of choices, which they pulled out of the kitchen as we ordered. My favorite dim sum item, the rice noodle with the two shrimp in it (steamed) tasted great, and the waiter was there every two minutes or so.

        Ordered Buddah's delight, which sported at least five to seven different Chinese Mushrooms... very good!

        The only thing that sort of freaked me out was the dead foot-long fish in one of the fishtanks, the two crabs who appeared to be copulating in another tank, and the two lobsters in a third tank who were yanking a carcass of a third lobster around, apparently eating it. Somebody should do some upkeep on the fishtanks there.

        Is the Orient doing a full dim sum (including carts) at lunchtimes during the week? I would definitely give it a try!

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          That dish with the rice noodle and shrimp is my son's favorite too, and at the Orient they had it also with beef and roast pork. We went on Christmas Day, so if you are interested, I would call and ask about the carts during the week. An interesting question though, so I might call myself.