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Dec 25, 2008 02:21 PM

left over ham

I made my first ham for Christmas this year and wanted to hear some ideas for how I can use my leftovers. I love ham sandwiches, and will use most of it for that. I saved my ham bone and all of the drippings from the pan. What can I use that for? I figured the bone was a lock for soup. Do people make stock with it? If I did, what would I do with ham stock?

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  1. I made a lentil soup with my last ham bone. You could also use it to season a pot of greens, or make red beans and rice. I use chopped. leftover ham in fried rice, baked mac and cheese, and potato soups.

    1. New Years is around the corner. Use it to season a pot of black eyed peas and make some corn bread to go with it.


      1. Not that any of us needs another rich dish in front of us...but this one is quite different...I would never put ham and tomatoes together but this works beautifully, epi's ham tomato and feta rigatoni:

        1. If you wanted to make a stock with it, I would do the ice-cube freeze thing and use one for greens, soups, and such, but I wouldn't use it as the base of a soup. The porkiness is quite vile, IMO.

          I like a risotto with strips of ham and peas...