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Dec 25, 2008 01:47 PM

17 year old Bday dinner fun, great food suggestions

Hi -
We are visiting Dc and need a fun (as in asia de cuba, blue ribbon) kind of hip place to take our daughter who is turning 17 when we are visiting DC. Not too gamey, or stuffy - any suggestions? THANKS!

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  1. Where are you staying and how far are you willing to travel? Do you need it to be public transportation accessible or will you have a car? Also, how many people in your party? Just some basics to get some ideas going. Thanks!

    1. I used to live in NYC so I think I know what type of places you want. Here are some suggestions that a 17 year old will like.

      Oyamel (I haven't had the best experience but some like it--especially if you like Mexican)
      Cafe Asia-Downtown (cool decor and pretty good sushi)

      Look at these menus to make sure you all like the cuisines/dish. Atmosphere, wise, these places will fit.

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        Also check out Mie 'n Yu. The food is on par with most of the restaurants mentioned above (i.e., solid but not the best the city has to offer), but much more interesting decor wise.

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          if you have 6 people, you can reserve the bird cage at mie n yu~

      2. Matchbox in Penn Quarter (downtown) is fun and there is a new location on 8th street (Barracks Row), depending on where you're staying. On H Street NE (behind Union Station) there are a bunch of new super hip restaurants - Sticky Rice is great, as is Granville Moore, which was on a Food Network Show. I also second the recommendation for Zaytinya, which has a very cool decor and vibe.

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          I knew somebody would recommend Matchbox. This is nothing like the places you mentioned in your regular post, and not IMHO worthy of a birthday meal. Plus, who wants to possibly wait a really long time on your birthday.

          Mie N Yu would be another fun option. Try the banana hummus if you go. Zengo, Oya or Mie N Yu would be your best options JPrae.