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Dec 25, 2008 01:34 PM

Kosher or kosher style deli near Saratoga Springs?

Hi all,

After walking around downtown SS today, where everything was closed, it got me wishing we had a Kosher deli here. I know there isn't one in town, but was hoping to find one nearby.

Any recs?


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  1. Ben & Bill's in Price Chopper. Route 50 south of town.
    Real good

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    1. re: jaylhorner

      Thanks, Jay.
      I forgot about that place. I usually shop at that Price Chopper, too.
      I was thinking more about a sit down place with waiter/waitress service.

    2. For a year or so we did have one, called Broadway's Best, where Forno Toscano is now located. Now it's just Ben & Bill's, as Jay points out..

      1. There is a Jewish/Kosher style deli about 30 miles away in Niskayuna, it is called Gershon's and it is on Union Street. It was sold years ago but I think it still maintains its Kosher style menu and it has a sit down area. It is the last in all of the tri-city, captial district as far as I know...

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        1. re: ilikechinese

          I was going to mention Gershon's as well - I really like their chopped liver sandwiches.