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Dec 25, 2008 01:14 PM

Ethiopian Advent/Lenten feasts?

I remember a few years ago (maybe last year? ... it's been a long year...) some of the local Ethiopian places offering a large vegetarian feast during either Advent or Lenten. Anyone know if any of them are doing it again this year (and if so, which)? (And to prevent the inevitable question: Ethiopian XMas is in January, so it's not too late to be asking about Advent offerings for this year.)

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  1. Since nobody more knowledgeable than me has answered -- I'm pretty sure I remember Dukem doing something like this as I remember for Lent, but I haven't had it and it's a vague memory. Please report if you find out, okay?

    1. Call Meaza and ask - (703) 820-2870 - I'll bet if anybody's doing it, they are.

      1. I stumbled into something at Etete for Lent. I don't remember exactly what it was, I think the waitress just described it as a special, so we went for it. I assume it was good, being Etete, but honestly my only recollection of the meal was my friend eating one of the stuffed hot peppers. That did not go well.