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Chile Sauce Substitute Help

I'm about to make shrimp remoulade and it calls for chile sauce which has disappeared from the condiment heaven that is my fridge. I'm searching the condiments looking for a suitable substitute or an idea of how to make my own and figured fellow chowhounds might have some ideas. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Isn't the bottled chile sauce just ketchup with hot sauce?

        1. Ketchup, cayenne powder, and chili powder. Maybe a bit of vinegar

          1. I think a better solution would be ketchup (perhaps with some canned crushed tomatoes -- sans basil, of course), juice of 1/2 or a whole lemon and depending on your desire for "heat" -- a few tablespoons of commercially-prepared white horseradish. Hot sauce wouldn't be the same.

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              Do you mean there is no connection between the 'chile' in the name and chile peppers?

            2. Thanks all - I really did mean chili sauce but am so used to putting chiles in most everything that I typoed it. Anyway - your suggestions were great and I took a little of all of them to put it together with the marinade I'm doing for the shrimp. Tastes fabulous

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                  Nope - many of my friends are "pepperheads" so a bunch of extra chiles are always around my house and I'm a sucker for the big bag of them at Costco. Still wish I could find that recipe

              1. There is no "authentic" remoulade sauce.
                There are perhaps a thousand recipes.
                For your version, I'd just add some
                ketchup and horseradish.