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Dec 25, 2008 11:24 AM

vegetarian at Elite

We are trying Elite (on Atlantic) for the first time tomorrow and are bringing a vegetarian friend. While I eat everything and my husband eats everything but pork and selfish, our VF is definitely going to be a challenge. Is he going to starve or can you recommend good things for him to order (besides desserts, he also doesn't eat sugar!)? Thanks.

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  1. as a pescatarian/vegetarian i have a general comment to offer:

    normal chinese food is often a big problem because pork is often used in making the stocks or added as an enhancing ingredient in dishes that are predominantly vegetable;

    even many tofu dishes very often contain some sort of pork ingredient.

    1. If your friend is very strict about being vegetarian, dim sum is a very poor choice. Even dim sum without meat often use chicken stock or animal-based lard/shortening to make the dumplings. You might want to call Elite and ask what, if any, vegetarian offerings they have.

      1. He's going to starve. I can't eat meat these days, due to health reasons. I stay away from Elite, because seeing all the food I can't eat makes me cry.

        Take him to one of the vegetarian Chinese places instead, like that one buffet place, or one of the myriad other vegan places in Silverlake or thereabouts.

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          the vegetarian place i'd recommend is located just up the block from Elite, HAPPY FAMILY in the shopping center at Atlantic and Garvey.

          I've enjoyed most of the food i've had there, with only one exception: their fried rice is to be avoided.

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            ronke - let me know what you had at elite. i have friend that i would like to take to elite for dinner one night who is vegetarian.

        2. I guess I should have mentioned he is not an absolutely strict vegetarian since he is still fairly new to it and feeling his way. Even my brother who has been fairly strict for 40 years will eat vegetables, tofu, etc. in Chinese restaurants. Since he lives in northern Maine where there aren't a lot of (any?) vegetarian Chinese restaurants, it's either cutting some slack or giving up on the cuisine entirely. My friend here in LA is coming as much for the company as the food and so long as he isn't eating flesh, etc I think will roll with a little bit of chicken stock, etc. He has been fine at Mission 261 with us. Elite's online menu does list vegetarian noodles and I can speak some Mandarin because even for my allergic husband I have to make sure there's no pork in anything we get. I was mostly just wondering if anyone had had things like the pumpkin soup And I agree dim sum would not be my first choice of a place to bring him (for that I prefer Mayura in Culver City) but he asked so....