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Dec 25, 2008 09:55 AM

What's up with Nancy Silverton restaurant in South Coast Plaza? Any good?

I heard they opened a La Brea Bakery in a shared kitchen with a hamburger and bbq place in South Coast Plaza. Is it a a bakery or a restaurant and how is it? Any opinions?

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    1. Ate there over the weekend. My wife had the chicken salad sandwich and it was pretty good. I had the BBQ and really liked it. There was a really good slaw and beans that had garbanzos and a touch of cinnamon. Also had a chocolate shake made with Frozen Custard and it was pretty good.

      One thing I really liked was that they had all kinds of sauces that were really fresh and had interesting combinations of flavors. I put the Asian Hoisin on my BBQ and it was good.

      Keep in mind this is a food court, not really a restaurant. I will say that I thought the service was really good. The manager kept asking if everything was good and the place was really clean. I don't know if this is a destination place, but it is a good addition to South Coast Plaza (which doesn't have very many good choices).

      1. I went there today to try it. The service at the register was a little long and chaotic apparently due to the fact that one of their refrigerators broke down over night and so some of the food was spoiled. For that reason they were unable to make certain menu items.
        I tried the BBQ burger which was really excellent actually. Surprisingly so. Service from order to table was under 10 minutes. I will definitely go back to try other things and recommend it to others who are shopping in the Home section of the plaza. Sure beats CPK or Rubys!

        1. We ate there yesterday and it was OK. My husband's BBQ burger was small, but tasty. My BBQ platter was OK. I picked pulled pork and I felt for $12, they didn't give you enough meat. Most of the platter was beans and slaw and everything tasted too sweet.

          1. Is this place still open? Anyone there recently?

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              It's still open. It's just in the first floor of Macy's Home. It's three counters, basically. One is Marcus Samuelsson's burger place, one is Cat Cora's barbecue place, and the third is a La Brea Bakery with an abbreviated menu.

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                Have you tried the chow at these places? If so please report........

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                  I've had the burgers and they're not bad. Honestly it's not bad but if you're going in expecting some revelatory, life-changing cuisine, you're in for an abrupt intrusion of reality into your life. Prices are, surprisingly, fine.

                  If I were going to travel 20 minutes for a burger, though, from my house near the stadium, I'd go to the Counter before I'd go to marcBURGER or whatever it's called.