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Dec 25, 2008 09:53 AM

Cooking results of different sized Dutch ovens?

I always thought it was best to use the smallest sized oven that fit the food as there was less liquid needed then, and the flavors would be more concentrated. Someone posted though that would steam the food. If you are going to roast in an oven, is more space around the food more desirable? Is there really much of a difference in in the end result using either stove top or oven in making the same recipe in a tighter fitting pot, rather than a bit larger one? I know in the Molly Steven's book she recommends adding a piece of parchment paper on top of the food to minimize the space over it. I know not to go too large as the juices will evaporate and burn. Would the oven size matter too in braising. I would think smaller might be better there. No?

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  1. I just use a utensil that seems a reasonable size for the food. I don't see how a smaller size would "steam" food while a larger size would not.

    When cooking something like a roast, you'll want enough space around it so that it doesn't stick to the sides, and is easy to grasp for removal.