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Dec 25, 2008 09:35 AM

Lahmacun Pizzeria Mediterranean Grill, San Mateo

A few months ago I stopped at Lahmacun Pizzeria for lunch. Tucked into the back corner of an anonymous strip mall, I would have never found this hole-in-the-wall on my own. I knew about it because someone entered it into the Places database, and being ever curious about Turkish eateries, I decided to check it out.

The spic-n-span interior is bare bones, but warmed up by the hospitality of the husband and wife owners. It was entertaining to watch Turkish cooking demonstrations on the flat-screen overhead while I ate my lunch.

When I placed my order at the counter, I asked if I could have both eggplant salad and humus for the $4.50 price so that I could sample both. The woman apologized saying that servings of two items on a plate would be too small so I picked the humus. However, when she brought my food to the table, she had added a dollop of eggplant to my humus order, gratis, so I could taste it.

The coarse-textured humus was good with well-balanced notes of garlic, lemon and tahini and enriched with olive oil. Yet, it was the eggplant salad that really shined and stood apart here. Soft but not mushy chunks of eggplant were very smoky and rich with buttery olive oil, savory bits of red peppers and parsley, and a little bit of piquancy.

My lahmacun, $3.50, was fired to order and made with ground lamb (not beef), mint and pine nuts. It was fine too.

I’m glad to have another good choice for an inexpensive and quick lunch mid-Peninsula.

Lahmacun Pizzeria Mediterranean Grill
35 Laurie Meadows Dr, San Mateo, CA

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  1. Stopped in today to try to lahmacun - it is now $4.50. This place used to be Viks Pizza (lady said over 2 years ago) -I had been there a long time ago and not back since but it looked familiar;)

    The lahmacun was nice - I thought I tasted garlic and a tomatoish base but didn't taste pine nuts or mint. There was a nice side of salad and some lemon. Tha lahmacun was improved with a squeeze of lemon. Tried a taste of the eggplant - it wasn't smoky today, no piquancy but still nice. I REALLY don't like peppers (of the non heat variety) so it wasn't quite to my taste.

    Thanks for the report Melanie or I never would have known it was there!