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Dec 25, 2008 09:19 AM

To-die-for tasting menu in Quebec or Montreal?

Merry Christmas Chowhounds!
My husband and I are heading up to Montreal (this Sat/Sun) and then Quebec until New Year's Day for a week of 'mange, mange, mange'. Could anyone recommend phenomenal tasting menus that they've had at any of the Quebec or Montreal restaurants. This may be our last trip to Canada for some time. :-(

The most memorable tastings menus I've had thus far were Hiramatsu in Tokyo; Komi in Washington and Le Bernardin, in NYC. I highly recommend these three. I preferred the first two places over Le Bernardin just because they are small, intimate and personable. Le Bernardin is a very big place, relatively. I prefer one or two bites of something truly extraordinary as opposed to a bigger dish of above-mediocre quality.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice you can share.

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  1. I have really enjoyed the 9-course tasting menu at Europea, several times.

    I have not tried it, but Europea also has a 20-course menu, served at the chef's table, for $250 each. I believe it includes a half-bottle of Champagne per person. Allow 4-5 hours.

    1. Found the tasting menu at Toque dated and dull--would avoid it

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            Thanks everybody for your input! Just returned from QC and Montreal, We did the 10 course tasting menu at Laurie Raphael in QC (I understand that they just opened a Laurie Raphael in Montreal) and enjoyed most of it. I'm glad we did the tasting menu instead of the regular a la carte menu. We also did the wine pairings and discovered a few new wines that we would love to get if we can find it in our local wine shop. If anyone is interested, I can post our menu and our experiences.

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              Definitely interested. Go for it !

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                Okay, you asked for it. I posted my review of LR. Unfortunately, I'm still a novice so I'm not sure how to link that post here so that you can get to it easily-Sorry. The post is titled, New Year's Eve 10-course at Laurie Raphael. Again, thanks everybody for your replies and suggestions.

                1. re: lecker

                  Nice, detailed review. Too bad you had some courses/pairings that did not quite work. How did it compare with the top 3 that you mentioned in your first post?

                  Here's the link:

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                    Althought LR was good, my top three still stand-if you ever have a chance I recommend those and would love to hear your experiences with each. As I mentioned in my review of LR, the last two dessert courses at the end left a bad impression. It just wasn't in keeping with the rest of the meal. If the meal had ended with the Smoky Ivory and avocado truffle with a little something extra-ordinary to tie it up, we would have been more than pleased, sated and impressed. I think Mr. Vezina's strength lies in his innovation and creativity. It makes me wonder if perhaps someone else was responsible for the desserts. I enjoyed most of the courses and I enjoyed the experience.