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Five Guys in Southfield,MI.

Anyone know the progress on this new venture? Can't believe they're coming to Michigan. Blow away any burger in the area. Have been to Five Guys locations in three other states and they're always consistent and very good. Been to the all the top recs for burgers in metro Detoit and have always been disappointed. A great burger is the sum of its parts, and so many places may claim to use angus beef ,( which by the way means nothing in the way of flavor) and then throw the burger on some shitty bun and a handful of unforgettable fries. Burger purists know what I mean. If you're happy with the dreck you get at the local Coney Island , this post isn't meant for you.

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  1. I'm not expecting much. When Fatburger came, it was hailed as the second coming, and from what I've heard, it isn't anything to write home about. I had Fatburger when I was in Arizona at a Diamondbacks game, and while it was fine, it wasn't anything to write home about, either. Apparently, the Detroit FB isn't anything close to what you get out west.

    Five Guys will get a try from me, but I highly doubt that it'll be anything of consequence when put up against the likes of Miller's Bar and Redcoat Tavern.

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        It very well could be overrated, but I didn't *dislike* what I had in AZ. However, neither did it come up to the standards of the local best-of places like Millers and Redcoat. Still, I don't have any compelling reason to go to Fatburger in Southfield, because I haven't heard, nor seen, good things. It appears that they absolutely *kill* your burger no matter how you ask them to cook it, and it takes for-stinking-ever with pretty crappy service. Basically, it sounds like a half-decent concept with city-of-Detroit service levels, which doesn't sound good to me.

        Like I said, I'll try Five Guys when it finally opens (still under construction as of Sunday, from what I could see), and I'll give it a fair shake.

    1. We were snarky about this burger venture showing up in our neighborhood until we opened our bag filled with fries. I mean, like, FILLED. Being a fan of Nathan's Famous fries since childhood, these plain, simple and ungreasy fries kicked ass... Way too many of them died at my hands.

      Burgers? Meh. Just like Mom made, minus the flavor. Granted, all the trimmings being included were a nice touch. For the price and convenience its alright- provided nobody you care to impress sees you slink out of there with a greasy, steaming bag. If I need a fast bite in another city, it'll suffice.

      For the business smarts, I like what they have done- simple, straight to the point and not catering to screaming munchkins demanding gadgets and toys with their imitation food.

      I'm still going to head out to Burgerville for local beef and veggies, appropriately seasonal foods, compostable dining ware and sweet potato fries once a year...and killer milkshakes, and...

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        Burgerville? It seems that I'm missing something special. Where is Burgerville?

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          it's in the pacific northwest, so, why it's included in a post about southeastern michigan is beyond me

      2. I was just over on M-59 across from Partridge Creek and I noticed that they are putting a Five Guys there, too. Didn't look like it was ready to open yet, but the sign was there.

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          I drove by there today too and saw it. Btw, we had a really crappy pizza at Pizzaria Rustica in Partridge Creek. Totally undercooked and horrible.

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            Is that part of a chain, or an individual place? I'll keep it in mind...I stinking *hate* lousy pizza. Thanks for the heads-up.

            1. re: boagman

              Its a chain that is in S. Florida( actually where I'm from). Everyone there raves about the pizza, but I never had it in Fl because there are so many independent places. I was so craving pizza yesterday and we drove 90 miles from Ontario to eat there!! So dissapointed. But, oh wait. I got a coupon for 50% off my next order( I doubt there will be a next time). The pizza was odd, totally raw on top, even after me asking for it to be put back in the oven for another 5 min.

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                Oh, Cali, honey, if you're going to travel to across the border to get pizza, let me save you some driving: Loui's Pizza, 23141 Dequindre Road, Hazel Park, Michigan. 248-547-1711. Still, to this day, the best pizza I've ever eaten in my life.

                Thanks again for the warning about Rustica. I'll avoid.

                1. re: boagman

                  I'll keep that in mind, but its another 40 more miles( each way). I also wanted to do some shopping at Nino Salvaddgio. Thus why we chose to eat at Pizza Rustica. It was either that or CPK or PF Changs!!

          2. Fatburger has had many incarnations/locations outside of LA and variety in product.

            5 Guys is relatively new (last 10 years?) my only caveat is that the smallest is quite large - but not a bad burger at all.

            people debate the fries. to be eaten eaten immediately from what I hear, but that's true for fries anywhere IMHO.

            but then I'm a SteaknShake aff.

            1. If you are looking for the best burgers in Michigan, Washtenaw county has 2 of the best. Sidetrack bar and grill in depot town (Ypsilanti) and Blimpy Burger in Ann Arbor (which has been featured on Drive in's, Diners and Dives). Give them a try....don't know how you could be disappointed!

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              1. re: SuperSam30

                Went there with some buddies after work.

                Impressions: Overall a very solid burger. Straddles the line between a "restaurant" burger (e.g. Red robin, Redcoats) and a fast food burger. It still doesn't have the freshness and overall tastiness of a In N Out burger. I'd eat there again if I was in the neighborhood, but I wouldn't bypass redcoats or Vinsetta Grill for it. Esp when my double cheeseburger was already five bucks.

              2. Oh great, yet another soulless national chain. If you've been disappointed at Miller's, then there's not much to say to that other than to wonder if you're just into fancypants burgers or whether you're just hard to please.

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                1. re: Summerfield

                  I used to Work In Dearborn and went to Miller's for many lunches....

                  I still do not understand the love they get. I don't need exotic fancy pants ingredients to enjoy a burger. I love plain Jane Bates Burgers at 5 and Farmington. I would say my favorite Burger is down in Columbus at Thurman Cafe (although that does have some fancy Blue Cheese and Bacon On the one I like). Hell I like a lot of burgers actually...yet for some reason it is not just not me...My whole family can not understand the fascination with Millers.

                  I think even most of the people I worked with were kind of wondering what they were supposed to be liking about it so much.

                  I think I will take a homemade burger with just some Cheddar, Thick Sliced Onion and Ketchup tonight for dinner.

                  But one thing I ask is this....Why in the hell does that burger get so much love over all the others in this town?

                  1. re: JanPrimus

                    Well hell, you've convinced me. Your whole family, eh? I'm never going to Miller's again. I was getting tired of standing in all those lines, anyway. Bunch of sheep, if you ask me. Thanks for opening my eyes.

                    1. re: Summerfield

                      I'm just asking for someone to tell me what they like so much about it...

                      The buns are nothing special. The meat usually feels like it was cooked on a cool grill and there is nothing overly impressive about the taste. I just don't get it. Help me understand. Oh and the beer selection sucks like its 1979 still.

                      BTW the lunch crowd hardly has a line ever if you want some faster service.

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                        > I'm just asking for someone to tell me what they like so much about it...

                        I'm not a big fan of Miller's ... but if you want a burger, it's very easy to make
                        a worse choice (in the Dearborn area).

                        When in Dearborn, I prefer (these non-burger ops):

                        Liles (ham sandwich & pea soup)
                        Three Brothers (Polish)
                        M&M Cafe (Jordanian)

                  2. re: Summerfield

                    Those in the know will drive a few miles west to Orchard Lake and
                    get their burgers at Jaws Jumbo Burgers:


                    1. re: rainsux

                      What ^ said. That place is a gold mine for burgers.

                  3. The Five Guys in Southfield on Greenfield Road is open. See The Detroit Free Press article today (freep.com).