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Dec 25, 2008 08:45 AM

Pho - shortest distance from Chestnut Hill

I'm yearning for some nice hot steamy pho, but haven't found any near my home in Erdenheim (near Chestnut Hill). Does anyone have a suggestion? Hopefully, no longer than 15 mins drive?


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  1. 15 mins from Erdenheim is going to be tough.
    There are some good vietnamese trucks on the Temple campus, but even that's a 25 minute train ride from C-Hill.
    Most people go down to Washington Ave., a lot more than 15 mins even in the best of traffic.

    Best of luck, let us know if you find something.

    1. The new More Food Court above the H Mart at Cheltenham Avenue and Old York Road has a pho counter. I had it there last week. Broth taste is pretty good, and they give you enough sprouts, basil, lime, etc. But the noodles are a little thicker and flabbier than what I prefer in my pho. It's not the best, but will do in a pinch (we live in Jenkintown, which is also a pho wasteland).

      Another counter has excellent mandu (gyoza, whatever) and they had a good-looking ramen on the menu. I'm going to try that next time - nothing beats a bowl of noodle soup in the winter!

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        Either Vietnam Cafe in Telford (309 North to Souderton exit) or Saigon@Main in Lansdale (309 North to Rte 63), the former definitely longer than 15 minutes, the latter probably just a bit more.

      2. Sigh... thank you all though!

        1. Pho Thai Nam - Blue Bell, PA 1510 DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422 - from chestnut hill you could take stenton out to skippack then skippack to 202 and then left... I havent been though, so cant comment...

          alternately..there are a couple pho places on adams ave near rising sun. stenton till it turns to godfrey then godfrey all the way out till it runs into adams at tookany creek. OK..maybe 18 minutes on the best of days...and some speeding...but theyre good. Pho75 (adams plaza)

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          1. re: GBak504

            I second Pho 75 on Adams. It's the best, closest pho you wil find. It's probably more like 20 min., but worth it.

            1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

              We've been trying to do a Chow rendezvous at the Assi Market in Lansdale-ish. They have a pho place there in the food court. That might be a hike for you as well, though. Out 309, then left onto 63, just a little past 202. You could also hop regional rail in Chestnut Hill & get off at Market East/Chinatown.

              That place in Blue Bell might be your best bet. You could report back? (hint hint)

              1. re: PattiCakes

                I have had the Pho at Pho Thai Nam and it's average at best so skip the trip IMHO. Personally my family skips this place because, while they do Thai and Vietnamese, they do neither all that well. The Pho at Vietnam Cafe and Saigon@main are far better as is the Pho at Pho 75. I live 5 minutes from Assi and didn't know they serve Pho there but I must check it out.

                1. re: Schpsychman

                  People have mentioned that it's avaliable in the food court. Check out the thread on Assi Plaza.

                  1. re: PattiCakes

                    We get to Assi occasionally but can't say I've ever wanted to stop and eat there. It's always been half deserted when I've been there. Will have to take a closer look.


                    1. re: PattiCakes

                      Just to clarify, there is a Japanese style stall that serves udon but there is no pho in the Assi foodcourt. You can buy all the ingredients you need to make it ,including excellent bones for stock., in the market. Pho Nam Thai is tasty for the 'burbs.

              2. re: GBak504

                I agree about Pho Nam Thai. I recently moved to Erdenheim and have been searching for interesting places to go out and eat since I got here. This place is pretty good and close -- it takes us about 15 minutes, maybe less, to get there. The Thai food there is decent too.

                1. re: GBak504

                  I had brisket and meatball Pho at Pho Thai Nam this past week for their lunch special. It was 9.99 with an appetizer and soft drink. I really enjoyed it and the brisket was lean. But this is the first time I've ever eaten Pho. I am so addicted to pad thai that is hard to not always order that. I think I will order Pho when I meet with my fellow hounds this coming sunday. If those yaki bons don't fill me up. I can't go to Assi without getting the bons!!!

                2. Like to endorse the post about the Pho at the More Food court - and also the Korean food. Did not try the sushi but that was also on offer. Also worth trying out is the cafe inside the Asian market before you get to Broad street as you come down Cheltenham. Other places of note not too far away are the places on Adams Avenue - just before you get to the Blvd. I have tried the place just past the Mall on Adams Ave - next to the Pizza hut. There are also a couple of other places a little further south - but never tried.

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                    Wanted to update about the pho at the More Food Court. They've changed their noodles and they're much much better. I had pho there twice last week! Also, Paris Baguette has opened downstairs and is bright and beautiful for a post-lunch cup of coffee and glutinous donut. :)