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Dec 25, 2008 07:11 AM

lunch on I 75

looking for a nice lunch spot between jackson and petoskey...going in january...local cafes and diners would be fine...we are willing to go off the interstate of course but not too far...thanks, dee dee

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  1. If you want big you could try Tony's

    Here is a video of a girl eating their turkey sandwich-

    Everything is huge.

    1. If you're going from Jackson to Petoskey at what point will you be on I-75? Will you be picking it up in Grayling?

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      1. re: grouper

        grouper is right. The normal (quickest) route from Jackson to Petoskey would be through Lansing and on US-127 most of the way, until you hit Grayling.

        These topics have recommendations in the Grayling/Gaylord area:

        1. re: nsxtasy

          yes...thanks...dee dee...just looking for a good place to have lunch...not fancy ...we do like local places...

          1. re: dee dee

            I don't really know of anything noteworthy on this stretch (127 or 75) but I've heard good things about the Brass Cafe and Saloon in Mt. Pleasant (that should be about your midway point) and their menu looks appealing - (click on the pictures to the right) Anyone familiar with it?

            1. re: tokyo

              I havne't been there, but I understand it gets pretty busy there becuase of the cansino & central michigan University.,

        2. re: grouper

          i think so...have you heard of bud lake bar and grill in harrison or the grey rock in grayling?...thanks...