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Dec 25, 2008 06:28 AM

How to roast two 10lb Standing rib roasts??

I bought a 20lb standing rib roast at Fairway to serve a crowd for Christmas dinner. I knew it probably wouldn't fit in my largest roasting pan so the butcher divided it in half for me - now I have 2 10-pounders. Now I'm trying to figure out how long it will take to roast them - they will face each other in the roasting pan. Will two ten-pounders take longer than if I was doing a single 10lb rib roast? I'm trying to time dinner to serve the roast around 4pm. Any ideas?? I have a second oven so I could conceivably do them separately except I also need to cook two casseroles of scalloped potatoes for an hour.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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  1. Instead of explaining everything again, PLEASE read through this:

    There's LOTS of help here, and the situation is nearly identical.