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Dec 25, 2008 06:20 AM

HELP - meringue disaster

THis was the dessert that was never meant to be. The final blow is that I left the meringues in the oven to dry, then turned on the oven and burned the bottoms. The original concept was hazelnut meringue torte with blood orange curd. The curd it too sweet and now the meringue is in pieces. Any suggestions on how to salvage this dessert - quickly?

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  1. Serve the stuff over ice cream? If the burnt part of the meringue can be taken off, and the curd can be used as a sauce, then you can just crumble the meringue over the ice cream and drizzle it with the curd. Just call it sauce!

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      HaagenDazs is right - the number one solution for salvaging baked goods disasters is to crumble them over ice cream or stir into yogurt!

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        Well, my username is based on ice cream after all. ;-)

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          i almost made a comment about how you were the most appropriate one to be doling out that particular advice...and how happy it makes me that you actually use the *correct* spelling in your username! :)

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        I think I have salvaged the curd by adding cranberries, all of which I stirred into whipped cream. We now have blood orange - cranberry mousse with hazelnut meringue crumble. Thanks!

      3. I like HaagenDazs solution, and re the curd that you feel is too sweet, is it possible to whisk either some sort of liqueur or more orange juice or a little lemon juice into it? I think that's what I would try.

        The rehab sounds likes a pretty, festive don't sweat it; it will looked planned...and Merry Christmas.