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Dec 25, 2008 06:16 AM

Napoli (downtown San Rafael)?

Yelp is all over Napoli in downtown San Rafael and in a very good way. Pizza, calzone, stromboli, "amazing deals on that [wine] list", owner from Italy. I can find nothing about it on chowhound. It supposedly opened in August. Has anyone been there?

869 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901

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  1. Went there yesterday. Originally posted about it here but then decided to put that in a new thread instead.

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      Hmmm ... for some reason that link doesn't work. There are quite a few Napoli pizzas in the Bay Area ... this is NOT related to any of the others

      From the Marin IJ ...

      "Owner Don Lamorte of Novato ... will be familiar to the pizza lovers who patronized Aroma Pizza, which he ran in the Northgate mall from 1995 to 2000.

      The family then moved to Reno, where they opened and ran Pierino, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, until Anna became ill.

      Originally from Potenza in southern Italy, Lamorte says he's planning to serve house-made sourdough pizza with Sicilian-style pies, calzone, New York-style sandwiches and a variety of pastas."

      As you mentioned ... it is good ... with an owner that takes pride in presentation.

      I ordered a stromboli and asked for a glass of Vignette pinot noir soda while I was waiting. This is a non-alcoholic soda made from wine grapes. The owner made sure I understood that.

      But here's the big thing ... he served it in a beautiful wine glass.

      The couple near me ordered a pizza and it came out on a pedetstal. The owner placed two plates in front of the couple and ceremoneously put a slice on each plate.

      They also ordered a bowl of minestrone and it looked fabulous. For $3.95 it was one big bowl and came with fresh-baked bread. Here';s Marin blogger Anna who had a cup of the soup which she liked. There are photos

      There are over 25 bottled beers available and many are local and lesser seen. There are also beers from other countries. There are beers such as
      - Moylan's IPA, Novato (live ale)
      - Eel River Brewing organic amber ale
      - Double Stout, Green Flash Brewing, San Diego
      - La Fin du Monde, Canada
      - Coney Island lager, NY
      - Maudite Ale, Canada

      I wanted the staff carefully put my stromboli together. The dough is layered with mozarella, thin pepperoni, salami and Canadian bacon. It is meaty and cheesy. When it first comes out of the oven the crust has a nice crispness. The long skinny roll is cut into about a dozen small slices. Later when it was cold, the olive oil soaked nicely into the crust. No longer chewy, but still delicious. It comes with a cup of marinara sauce.

      Pizza is only served by the slice during lunch ... or maybe only during the week ... anyway on Sunday night you have to buy a pie.

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        >for some reason that link doesn't work<

        The reason is that they removed my message for whatever reason. So I'll put an abbreviated version here, which is that I had a slice of pizza with onions, green peppers, and sausage and it was possibly the best slice I've ever had. Maybe faint praise considering how poor slices are at most places, but this was really good. I'll be back for other things. Give this place a try.

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          Sorry about that - removing that post was our mistake, and we've put it back.

    2. I ate at Napoli last Saturday and Sunday. It was really really good. On Saturday I had the chicken marsala while my friend had a scallop pasta dish. The sauce was great, but the scallops were somewhat gritty. I went back the next day with another friend and we had pizza. The crust was crisp, the toppings plentiful and the sauce flavorful. We also each had a cup of minestrone soup( which I dont think is 100% vegetarian). Tasty. I had a very good cannoli on Saturday too.

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        We had a pizza there a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty good...better than most...but I would have preferred some char on the crust. The owner sold us on a cannoli which was very good. We plan to go back soon and scope out more of the menu.

      2. Phenomenal pizza! Great cannoli...with family style customer service. The best in San Rafael. I am addicted to pepperoni, olive and pineapple...gotta call my order in!