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Dec 25, 2008 12:29 AM

Food positioning on microwave platter

Not sure this is the right board to post this, but I've always positioned my cup/bowl of liquid/food
in the center of the microwave's turntable. My sister I've noticed puts the bowl well off-center (within an inch or two of the edge of the turntable platter). I was under the impression that the microwave is fairly directional and it was better to place the item to be reheated near the center of the platter. When I asked her why she placed it so off-center, she said "it doesn't matter." Is she right?

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  1. each MV, like each gas grill will have "hot spots" and this with change over time as the "gun" ages. that is why jfood always recommends the Sharp Carousel for a MV.

    When jfood uses his non-Sharp (it did not work for the kitchen design) he arranges the pieces with the thicker parts further away from the center and the thinner parts more in the bull's eye. He has also learned that Power Level 4 is probably his best choice on defrosting.

    Hope that helps

    1. I've been under the impression that for most microwaves the edges will get more o the radiation than the center. With a small cup/bowl on the turntable, I always push it towards the edge.

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        It would depend on the item, the size of the item, its container, the power of the oven, how hot you want it, etc, etc. I only actually COOK veggies in my mic, so I lay them flat and cover them. It takes a minute or two. I don't know how the radiation (that thought kinda freaks me out anyway) generates, but I do know that some molecules vibrate faster and generate more heat and I now only use glass containers. When I heat things, I just stick them in there and don't really think about the position.

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          well to be scientificly correct, all forms of heat transference are technically "radiation". its the wavelength of the light that you have to worry about. That being said, Microwave ovens heat/cook by making the water molecules in the food vibrate, thus creating friction and heat(ever notice how things such as the plate or cup which contain no water dont get hot. with the exception of transfered heat from the food or beverage or a handle that has gotten water in it, like my favorite coffee cup........). The Magnatron tube(the microwave generating device) is aimed at the center of the oven, but there are reflective surfaces inside the box that bounce them around in an attempt to get an even coverage. If you are trying to get maximum heating, then the center is what ya want. If you want EVEN heating, then I would say off center so it heats more evenly(albeit slightly slower) would be better.