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Hungry for Real Fried Chicken

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Where to go? The last good fried chicken I had was at Maurice's Chat and Snack or is it Snack and Chat?
Popeye's doesn't quite do it but the red beans and rice are really good. My confession for Monday.

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  1. Went to a super bowl party yesterday, they had fried chicken from Slavko's in San Pedro. It was very good, not greasy or dry at all.

    1. Ah, fried chicken...

      Mrs. Knott's has good fried chicken. I haven't been there in years (too busy for my tastes) but I remember the chicken being very good.


      They are located right outside of the park with the same name.

      Although a lightning rod on this board, I like Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for fried chicken as well.

      Other than that, it is a cast iron skillet, picket line and a secret reciepe later that keeps the fried chicken urge at bay for a while.

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        I second Roscoe's. I can't think of a place where I've had better fried chicken. Their red beans and rice dish is also pretty darn good.

      2. Stevie's on the Strip, Crenshaw and Jefferson, makes some good fried chicken. Pass on the cornbread. (And take some gumbo home)

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          Stevie's is the best! But sadly, I heard they are now closed. There was nothing better than their fried chicken with the batter-dipped french fries and homemade ranch dressing!

          Cardiologist anyone?

        2. Aunt Kizzy's has made to order Fried Chicken bursting with juice and crispy crunchy. At lunch it sits under heat lamps and gets dry if you don't come when a fresh batch is ready.

            1. you might try the broasted chicken @ amber's, balboa & burbank. see the recent postings.

              1. flossie's in torrance. excellent fried chicken, mac'n'cheese,yams.

                3566 redondo beach blvd.

                1. I find the best quality and best tasting fried chicken is at the whole foods market on 3rd and fairfax across from the farmers market. they do it in the deli hot bar they bring it out all day you can always ask when the next round will be out too its not that fosters factory hormone chicken found in most places either you even can pick out the pieces you want i get this several times a week make a salad at the salad bar and you got it made

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                    I have wondered if this chicken at whole foods was as good as it looks, will try it , thanks.
                    They make a green chile chicken which is very tasty...

                    1. re: ciaolette

                      i almost like the baked chicken better with herbs and spices its very moist and flavorful not oily try that too usually at the opposite end of the fried chicken in the hot bar

                    2. re: kinko

                      Bought a chicken breast there yesterday and it was big, but just average is taste I thought.

                      The salami sandwich from the deli, on the other hand, was excellent.

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                        Foster Farms actually is the company that does not use any hormones or antibiotics.

                      2. maybe i'm missing the boat, but Roscoe's has AMAZING southern fried chicken. very authentic. a little more upscale - Aunt Kizzy's Backporch at 4325 Glencoe Ave in marina del rey. even more upscale Reign in Beverly Hills on Roberston (owned by keyshawn Johnson, former 'SC and Tampa Bay Bucs Wide Receiver). all have excellent fried chicken.

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                          Dinah's in Glendale

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                            Reign may not be in business any longer. I know for sure that Mr. Johnson no longer owns it. I went WAY downhill after its opening hoopla.

                          2. aunt rosa lees on Western ave between Adams & Jefferson has Good Fried Chicken Be Prepared to Wait........and Wait..... And Wait.

                            1. Can't believe that no one has mentioned Honey's Kettle in Culver City. Easily the Best-chicken-to-worst-service ratio in the world!

                              That said, I think it makes Roscoe's look anemic.

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                              1. re: Dave and Stuff

                                I was very disappointed in Honey's chicken. It was chewy and greasy and looked (and tasted) like it had been under a heat lamp for hours. Maybe I got a bad batch but I doubt I'll be eating there again!

                                1. re: hrhboo

                                  Wow. I have had plenty of not-so-great experiences at Honey's Kettle, but not once has the chicken itself been less than stellar...If you can, I would recommend giving it another try...

                                  1. re: Dave and Stuff

                                    Ironically, the service was quite good!

                                    1. re: Dave and Stuff

                                      Just had a huge order of Honey Kettle's this week...breasts/wings and they were terrific! Of course, order not ready when picked up, finally we asked why....we were told that many people place orders, don't come in time, refuse to buy what was made for them, so it would seem orders called in are not cooked until one shows up in person! Our order of 8 breasts/8 wings and various sides was wonderful. Chicken crunch/juicy/just hit the spot. Now, is this true Southern fried chicken? I don't know, but I love it!

                                2. Porky's BBQ in Inglewood, on Manchester right near the Forum. They are licensed to make Golden Bird fried chicken and in my opinion that's the best of all of them. Granted I've never had Honey Kettle but I've had Roscoe's and Golden Bird beats them hands down.

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                                    I second and third . . . Porky's

                                    Amazing, and good ribs too!

                                  2. Chef Marilynn's Soul Food Kitchen. Down south on Crenshaw south of Adams. You'll see the line. Chicken is $.99 a piece and you can get great sides from Black-eyed Peas and Rice to Greens. Reminds me of real southern soul food.

                                    1. I'll probably get hate mail for this, but I just love Pioneer Fried Chicken. This used to be a chain with several outlets, but the only one left (to my knowledge) is at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Echo Park Avenue near downtown. I love the thick but crispy coating with lots of spice to it. I haven't been there for a while - may have to make a trip. I also love the chicken livers fried just like a piece of chicken with the same coating.

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                                        I agree that the Pioneer is quite good.

                                        ==>> BUT! Only when eaten hot at the restaurant. It does not travel well which is strange for the all time picnic classic.

                                      2. I found Honey's disappointing the time I tried it. Better than KFC but not comparable to what I had in college down south and it certainly didn't satisfy the craving I had at the time.

                                        My favorite used to be Cynthia's on W. 3rd, even if its less than authentic, it was certainly tasty. However, I think they changed chefs about a year ago and I don't love the new recipe as much.

                                        1. If you order enough so they will cook it fresh for you believe it or not the Ralph's Service Deli at the corner of Ventura and Hazeltine has great fried chicken. I always order in advance but show up maybe 30 minutes early to make sure my chicken is frying in the deep fryers. I have not had the same success with other Ralph's Markets.

                                          1. I like Flossie's, but I also like the fried chicken from Les Sisters in Chatsworth.

                                            1. Our Roscoe's (on Lake in Pasadena) cooks their chicken to a crisp, which is OK once in a while but not what I always want. I've had a breast there only once, and it was like chicken-flavored balsa wood. Tasty, but awfully hard to chew and swallow. Stick with dark meat.

                                              Pann's was my favorite fried chicken up until Wednesday, when I had a bite of the fried leg that Mrs. O had ordered at Henry Moffett's in Bellflower. That was...well, it really WAS better than Grandma's! (Never thought I'd say that!) Rich, succulent, tender, perfect.

                                              1. Thinking about Pioneer chicken made me look up other entries on the board about it. Here's a link to a discussion a few months ago. I'm definitely heading over there soon!


                                                1. I have only seen two Pioneer Chickens left around me.
                                                  One is in east LA on Soto and Whittier I think.
                                                  And another one in Bell Gardens on Florence near Garfield.

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                                                    There is another pioneers on Sunset Blvd Right After Circuit City before You Hit Downtown it's on the West side of the street before DODGER STADIUM

                                                  2. isn't stevies on the strip gone? i LOVE the red beans and rice at popeyes! and i'm not ashamed to admit it...

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                                                      Stevies on THE SHAW.... Crenshaw is gone but there is another Location in THE SF VALLEY on Ventura Blvd around BALBOA

                                                    2. Went to Honey's in CC this week (bogo coupon from LAW)...no line, but took about 10 minutes to get food. Nice ambianiance for fast food joint.

                                                      Chicken was very good, if a little bland. Buscuit was excellent, fries fine.

                                                      I really like Pollo Campero...only been to Glendale Galleria location. They just opened in Hollywood I think.


                                                      1. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles satisfies and is a fun dining experience.

                                                        1. Not the most typical frying style, but I liked Uncle Andre's fried chicken quite a bit. Outside has a drier crunch, not oily at all. Maybe they use a little cornmeal? ANyhow, it's on Moorpark a few blocks east of Laurel Canyon.

                                                          BTW, I always enjoy Roscoe's, but I often get the fried livers. Order is huge, but they're tasty.