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New Years' Eve dinner suggestions?

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I'm looking for suggestions for New Years' Eve dinner options.

I'm looking for a restaurant that isn't unjustifiably jacking up the prices just because its NYE.

For example, I noticed that Globe Bistro has a nice looking NY menu and the price isn't that ridiculous for what you're getting (multi-course meal and a jazz band playing during the night, and for around $120).

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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  1. La Palette's got a five-course prix fixe for $75 -

    Celestin has a seven-course tasting menu for $110 -

    Chez Victor is offering a variety of choices depending on early and late seatings -

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      la palette's been on my hitlist for a few years. that menu looks very good

    2. Nota Bene (Splendido's little sibling) is offering their regular menu on New Year's Eve. I've only had their fish (astoundingly fresh), but I keep hearing about the charcuterie plate and the boudin noir tart. I'll assume that reservations are a must, since this is the new 'it' place.


      1. Corner House is offering a 3 course prix fix for $85.

        1. A couple of times, I've eaten at Provence in Cabbagetown. They don't have a special New Years' Eve dinner, but you order off their regular menu (if they're doing the same thing this year). That was appreciated by some of the guests who weren't looking for a pricey prix fixe. And the food was pretty good.