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Dec 24, 2008 05:37 PM

V Chocolates at Costco

If you're not all shopped out and glutted with sweets, or if you still have some gifts to pick up:

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  1. I've been wondering if we should start a "picks" thread for Costco. They were sampling the toffee one day and it was great - but I was able to resist at $22 a pound. Well- a few days later I happened to be there as they were shouting "close out $10" so I bought one.

    It is (was) wonderful and I was sorry I hadn't bought more. Yesterday I saw they had moved the ?leftover carmels to the refrigerator and found a box of toffee (marked with sign $10 for the toffee)- so I thought here's my second chance ;) Imagine my surprise when it range up at $5! I went back and bought a bunch - manager said it was an "emergency"??????? markdown.

    All this was a Foster City CC - where btw I found some EXCELLENT orange crepes (frozen $11 for 8).

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      In general "picks" at Costco are discussed on the "Chains" board, but in this case since it was clearly a short-term deal and I didn't know if they were distributed throughout the chain, I thought I'd put a pointer here. $22/lb is consistent with the prices on the V chocolates website, which makes $5.97 an amazing deal!

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I ducked into the San Leandro Costco this morning just as they were opening and snagged a few more boxes. They had maybe three or four dozen boxes left -- they're on the bottom shelves at the very end of the shelves where they have the refrigerated pasta, and next to the shelves under the big "Dairy" sign (although those shelves actually had fancy fruit juices on them). Both times I've bought them the cashiers remarked on what an amazing deal they were.

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          Thanks for this heads up, Ruth. I just got home from the San Leandro Costco-there are still a couple of dozen boxes left, but only of the caramels. I loved the toffee when I tasted it there a couple of weeks ago, but it was too expensive to buy. I wish there had been some left, but I'll console myself with a caramel.

    2. Alas, I did not see any evidence of them at the Mountain View Costco. But I don't shop there often, so someone more familiar with the store might have better luck.

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        There were quite a few at Foster City - it's in the deli meat case - look for the light blue (Tiffany like) boxes. I may have cleaned them out of toffee but they had a lot of caramels.

      2. I also bought a box V Chocolate caramels at San Leandro Costco 1.25/lb for $5.97 on Dec 28, 2008. There are tasty & recommend them. Best to eat when they are soft.

        Any toffees to be found at any Costco still?

        Attached some pics.

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        1. re: hhc

          I didn't see any V chocolates in Foster City or South SF's Costco. I may check San Leandro's since hhc found some.

          1. re: Zinc Saucier

            Nope. I looked for them at the San Leandro Costco this morning and they were all gone.

        2. Yesterday (Jan. 1st.) at the S.F. Costco, they only had a few boxes of the Caramel toffee!