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Dec 24, 2008 03:40 PM

Valentine's dinner in Harvard sq

I'm looking for a romantic place where we won't necessarily feel rushed through our meal to make space for the next pair of diners. I guess something off of the beaten path a bit but still would make for an excellent dining experience. Craigie Street Bistro sounds perfect had it not moved to Central. I have a hotel reservation in the square so I'd like to stay local, but would be willing to walk a bit...

thanks much

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  1. Not too long ago I took a friend and his wife to OM as a thank you. We were there for three hours and had a delightful time, but my favorite place is still Upstairs at the Square. Great food and atmosphere and I've never been rushed there. I have no idea of what it will be like for Valentine's, but I'm sure they will have some super offers. I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions in the next two months.

    1. My vote is for Harvest....fabulous food, attentive and not overrushed or overly dramatic service...and I love an open kitchen concept! You could finish off with a nightcap at Noir! My second vote (especially if you love French) would be for Sandrines.

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        I generally like Harvest, but would definitely avoid it for VDay based on the OP's criteria. We want to Harvest last year and felt totally rushed as they were clearly trying to turn tables over. The 3 course prix fixe was not a great representation of their food, nor was it a good value. We got one round of drinks when seated and struggled to get another the entire meal. Of all the disapointing VDay meals I have had, Harvest was right up there.

        In general if you want a more relaxed meal on VDay, make a 9pm reservation so they can't seat your table again.

      2. Hate going out for V day, all you get is a limited menu, herded like cattle, long waits even with reservations, rushed through your meal, over charged and disappointed... hardly romantic. I'd opt for celebrating a week earlier or later.

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          definitely upstairs at the pudding. food is great, decor is charming, service is warm. i'm not a fan of the harvest myself: have often found the service luckluster and i find it too big to call "romantic." I do like sandrines but find the quirky pudding more interesting.

        2. Upstairs on the square should be a good bet.

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            Off the beaten path near Harvard Square? All Harvard Square paths are quite beaten.... but I agree with Upstairs - very romantic in a quirky way. Harvest is very up and down depending on who happens to be chef that month. Rialto is as romantic as it gets, and great food with no sense of being rushed, but not cheap. Om is just plain silly, unless things have changed since Rachel Klein left. Chez Henry is a 15 minute walk, and might fit - great food, nice atmosphere and I wouldn't think you'd feel rushed, although you have to assume that all restaurants have a full reservation book for that evening and need to turn their tables to accommodate all that wish to dine, so as previously stated, if you really want to linger get a late reservation.