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Dec 24, 2008 02:44 PM

Kobe Wagyu Beef

Just got an e-mailed advert from Costco saying they have approx 15-lb boneless ribeye roasts available, for a mere $2300, delivered. Delivered in a Bentley Mulsanne?

(This is gonna be sooooo deleted.)

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  1. I got that too and almost dropped my teeth! Does anyone actually buy that? At least you in SoCal with all the movie stars. I'm at Tahoe and shop in Reno. Not :)

    1. That e-mail originated in Nigeria, right?

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      1. At under $10 per oz, for true Kobe ribeye that's a great steal. I think the fact that you have to order 15# is a bit daunting, but restaurants can barely get better prices. You can pay around $90 for a 4oz cut when eating out for true, Japanese Kobe beef. Not just Wagyu cows raised in the USA with similar standards.

        Maybe there is a glut of Kobe cows, as you can get similar prices, at smaller quantities here

        Cut has Kobe NY, Filet and Ribeye on the menu, not sure how much they charge though. they are 6oz, 6oz and 8oz, respectively.

        Costco meat is good...But we also have very good independent butchers here in LA as well, see recent discussion about this very topic.

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        1. re: luhkee

          IMHO, Kobe or Kobe wagyu is best enjoyed in small slices, not in a huge slab.

        2. Anyone notice this review:

          "We purchased one of these roasts for the holidays. When it arrived my wife and I decided that 15 lbs of meat was to much to cook for the two of us at one time. We decided to grind it up in our meat grinder and package it in 1 lb packages for our freezer.

          So far we have made 1/2 lb burgers, stuffed peppers, meat balls, chili, and a meat loaf. All of these meals turned out fantastic and we still have 10 lbs left in the freezer."

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          1. This meat is priced somewhat like wine, you can get a really good bottle of pinot noir for about $20 or you can pay $200 but the taste is only about 10% better. You can get prime dry aged boneless ribeyes for about $20/pound, at $153/pound for Wagyu type beef it too is only about 10% better, I've had it. I think it is an insult to anybodys intelligence to pay that amount even if you can afford it.

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            1. re: malibumike

              That's me- I can't even imagine something that is that much better than the $20 a pound stuff from my butcher. I would like to try it sometime as a novelty, but there cannot possibly be any justification for the cost as far as my taste buds go.