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Dec 24, 2008 12:56 PM

Jan/Feb DESSERT Cookbook of the MONTH Suggestions OR Should We Skip January?

I realize that this is very late, but too much is going on in everybody's life right now....soooo:

I'm opening up discussion for our next COTM. Do you think we're all a bit weary of desserts (as well as almost everything else) after the holidays? Shall we take a month off? Should the next DCOTM be Feb/March?

Please put any ideas you have for the next book as well as comments about taking a break in January. If you think the DCOTM should silently fade away altogether, please also put in your 2 cents.

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  1. I say take Jan. off. Despite my foot stomping about the self-rising cake flour, there is still a lot in the Nigella book I'd like to try. Between that and the inevitable desire to eat less after the holidays, I think it would be good to take the month off (and yes, it is kind of pathetic that I'm typing this on Christmas morning - Merry Christmas everyone!).

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    1. re: LulusMom

      plus there are plenty of dessert recipes in the two regular COTM books. My vote is to skip it.too.

      1. re: jen kalb

        me three for Feb/March - Sunday Suppers has a million sweets to make....
        Thanks all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    2. Yeah, I agree about skipping Jan. After being waitlisted for the current book for weeks, I finally got it last week! I'm not sure how much baking I'll do from it in Jan. though since we're going to Spain for 2.5 weeks.

      Thanks for taking the lead on all this, oakjoan. Happy New Year to everyone!

      1. Can we put THE ART AND SOUL OF BAKING on the list -- if not for this month, then for a future month? I received it for Xmas and it looks really great!

        1. I agree it makes sense to skip January - and then resume after that.

          1. I'm for skipping January.

            Malgieri's THE MODERN BAKER is one I intend to give some time to and also BAKED