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Dec 24, 2008 12:05 PM

Macintosh Toffee

Anywhere in town that sells the toffee that's packaged in the red and tartan box and could break yer Grandma's teeth?

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  1. I seem to recall seeing it at Bramble House, on the West island:

    You can call and see if they have it. They have an outstanding British Isle toffee selection.

    Love that stuff. I love putting it in the freezer and smashing it into bite size pieces.

    They also have a brand, Thornton's, which is also outstanding. I have also seen Thornton's in the past at Festin du Babette, but again, I would before to make sure they have it.

    1. I am very sure I have seen it at various Pharmaprix around town.

      God I love that stuff.

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        My dep asked his supplier and was told it's discontinued, the above site says it's out of stock; I ordered the individually wrapped little squares from the above site, they don't taste exactly the same, imo....

      2. As I recollect, it is a standard item on the candy shelf at Wilensky's ... along with the 'Eat more' bar and the 'big turk'...