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Dec 24, 2008 11:56 AM

Where to buy Blanched Hazelnuts

I'd like to buy some blanched (skinned) Hazelnuts if that's possible. Anyone know where in town I might get them. I'm trying to save a bit of time and effort to not have to blanch them myself. I'm concerned I will wind up over toasting them. A great cook I am not. But working on it. :)


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  1. I think your best bet might be Whole Foods but call first to save a trip.

    1. don't know where you are, but i bought some gorgeous ones today at sunland produce (sunland and glenoaks in sunland---near burbank airport). they were cheap, too.

      1. I've seen some at Surfas a couple of weeks ago.

          1. re: latindancer

            I know this is coming REALLY late but thank you all! I was not able to go to the various stores you suggested but certainly will in the future. Just fyi....I did manage to blanch the hazelnuts myself and they turned our well. It was a heck of A LOT OF WORK and I hope not to have to do that again but the dinner (my first Christmas dinner) turned out great.
            Thanks again and Happy New Year to all.