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Dec 24, 2008 09:13 AM

Sweet not Smoky BBQ?

I'm looking for a place that does BBQ that's on the sweet rather than smoky side. Pulled pork that isn't too sharp with lots of vinegar.

Don't mind a bit of smoke, but do like a nice sweet BBQ tang.

The BBQ places I have heard of include Blue Smoke, Dinosaur, RUB, Daisy Mae and Smokin Q.

Can anyone tell me what kind of BBQ flavour each one has? I'm particularly interested in pulled pork and ribs.


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  1. A rack of ribs or pork shoulder that cooks in a smoker for 12 hours is going to have a smoky taste, regardless of how much brown sugar is in the rub. It sounds like you are more interested in the flavor of the sauce than that of the meat. Therefore any of the above can have a "sweet BBQ tang" with the right sauce.

    1. Sweet BBQ?? Sounds like Kansas City Style. Chef Paul is from KC so RUB may be an answer. Warning - if you see any references to North Carolina Style, run not walk away - thats the home of Vinegar BBQ (which I happen to enjoy) ;)

      1. Rack and Soul. Like BBQ candy.