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Dec 24, 2008 08:54 AM

veal milanese

is this breaded? and where to get it?

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  1. Yes, it is breaded, and typically served with red sauce. I have had it as a weekend special at Kate Mantellini's in Beverly Hills several times and it has always been very good. Aside from the Chicken Pot Pie and Mac & Cheese it is one of the few things KM's does well.

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    1. re: BHAppeal

      Tuscana in Brentwood does this dish well-

      1. re: BHAppeal

        Once you add the sauce aren't you then eating Veal Parmigiana (with mozarella added normally as well)?

      2. Milanese is the Italian rendition of schnitzel -- meat pounded thin, breaded, and pan-fried. While veal is the topshelf option for the meat, a much less expensive version uses pork and is almost indistinguishable; I've also seen chicken. In Mexican restaurants milanese is often made from beef and served in tortas. Spago has a schnitzel on its dinner menu under the section with Wolfgang's Austrian favorites -- hard to do better than that.

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          is pucks shnitzel with veal or pork, thanks?

        2. Toscana in Brentwood does a great Veal Milanese

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            Maybe it's just the places I've been and the Italians I know, but I think fresh lemon is more typical than red sauce as the accompaniment.

          2. Pizzicoto in brentwood does an excellent chicken milanese. pounded thin and crispy, with an arugula salad topping the filet. it is quite good and authentic. it reminds me of meals i've had in geneva. milanese is not served with tomato sauce.

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              do they also sreve the veal version.?

              1. re: kevin

                they do have some veal, but it is not the milanese style. i have not asked for dishes off the menu, so i don't know if they would make it for you. i know chicken isn't veal, but the chicken dish is quite tasty.

            2. Pecorino in Brentwood is the best I have had in town. Better than Toscana's across the street.