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Twisted spoke or other party venue?

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Does anyone know if Twisted Spoke on Ogden has closed? And, any recommendations for an alternate 40th birthday party venue for about 40 people on a Saturday night in June? Preferably with delicious, burgers & fries type food, and an outdoor space that might accomodate a small band...

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  1. I haven't been by there in a while, but there's no indication in their listing on Metromix ( http://chicago.metromix.com/bars-and-... ) that they've closed, and the Tribune usually keeps on top of closings. Have you tried calling them?

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      no answer on Ogden, phone at Lakeview location disconnected. Emails through the website bounced back. Sooo, it's not looking good...

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        Keep in mind, places may just be closed for the holidays...

    2. Check out Moody's Pub in Edgewater. They have a great outdoor beer garden and good burgers too. You would need to talk to them about the band...