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Dec 24, 2008 07:27 AM

Southern style Hash browns

who has the best southern style Hash Browns on the far north side?

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  1. Not true southern hash browns but I do like the Cajun Potatos at Diixe Kitxhen and Bait SHop in evanston -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      Come on guys, there must be a few reasturants that feature southern sytle for breakfast!

      1. re: ALITIN

        This is funny! I've never paid attention to who serves their hash browns shredded and who serves them cubed.

        I ate Sunday brunch at Big Jones in Andersonville just a few weeks ago, and one of the dishes came with their "Potatoes O'Brien" (as noted on the menu on their website at ). I honestly cannot tell you whether the potatoes were cubed or shredded. However, since they specialize in "southern coastal cuisine", that would be a likely candidate. And on the far north side, too.

        Two of our very best breakfast places are also convenient to that area.

        M. Henry ( ), also in Andersonville, has great pancakes and egg dishes; I love their blisscakes! Their website menu describes their house potatoes as "roasted russets, onions, red peppers and fresh rosemary with our own blend of spices". I've had 'em and again, I don't remember whether they were shredded or cubed.

        Walker Brothers ( ), with six locations in the suburbs including nearby Wilmette, has hash browns on the menu, but doesn't specify whether they're shredded or cubed, and again, I don't remember. All I remember is their giant cinnamony apple pancake - yum!!!

        1. re: nsxtasy

          Walker Brothers are shredded - but still are yummy!

      2. re: weinstein5

        Just an aside. Barack Obama did a review of this place on Check, Please! several years ago when he was still a state representative. The video is on youtube.

      3. Please help out an ignorant Yankee. What distinguishes southern style hash browns from others?

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        1. re: chicgail

          As I understand it and according to ORe-Ida - Southern Hash Browns are small cubed potatos similar to potatos o'brien without the peppers - Regular Hash Browns are shredded -

          1. re: weinstein5

            Thats right. Most places in this city serves the shredded kind.

            1. re: ALITIN

              By Gawd, I never knew it until now, but I"m a rebel! I love the cubes and since I do my own most of the time with peppers, onions, sometimes mushrooms, it's the only way to go.

              Now........if I want to make perfect Roesti, then that's another whole story!

        2. I'm not sure about the far north side but IHOP is always a hit for shredded hash browns. I

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          1. re: LadyintheKitchen

            Not much of a fan of the shreded kind. Most places they tend to me oily and underdone.

            While not southern style I do recomend Heaven on 7 they use quartered small red potatoes and spice them just right.

          2. So, it's the north side of the city, (a couple of blocks north of Foster and next to the metra tracks) but what about Pauline's? They have great cubed potato hash browns and my friend is all over their sausage gravy (me-- not a sausage gravy girl)

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            1. re: TastyTeeth

              I'll have to check it out thanks. I'm not into the sausage gravy either.