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Dec 24, 2008 06:47 AM

Parents Dinner near the Met for pre-opera dinner

I'm looking for a place to get a gift certificate for my parents for their anniversary. I will be getting them some tix to the Opera at the met, and would like to add dinner to the mix. Needs to be very convenient to getting to the theatre (my mom is paranoid about being late, and gets stressed out) Preferably within a 10 min walk .

Mom loves seafood, dad will eat pretty much anything. They just moved from LA to greenwich ct and I want to treat them to something distinctly NY and special. Moms a sucker for a great view, but I know places with a great view tend to have mediocre food. Wondering about Asiate.

Budget is around $200 total excluding wine (they don't drink much). Last time they were in NYC they loved Perilla. So something similar in terms of food would be nice, but the atmosphere could be more formal. Any suggestions would be great! THANKS!

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  1. I'd go Picholine - I think it's $92 per person without any supplements (or wine).

    1. They should like Telepan. Its tasting menu is $64 dollars (without wine) and an excellent value. I have had a few very good meals there before the opera and they are extremely conscientious about theater times.

      1. I only went to Asiate for lunch, but the food was delicious. The view is beautiful and the service was great.

        1. Picholine is the best in the vicinity and about as convenient as you can get. It is leisurely paced so they should go early enough to allow adequate time. Alternatively, for somewhat lower cost, they could have an excellent meal in a bit less formal setting (though still much more formal than Perilla) at Compass, which now specializes in seafood. The food at Compass is more on the level of Perilla, whereas Picholine is on a much higher level.

          1. I would send them to La Boite en Bois. It won't give them a view, as it the dining room is below ground, but the food, service and coziness of the room more than make up for it. They have a very reasonable prix fixe menu, which gets you three excellently prepared courses. They also cater to a pre-opera crowd, so they'll ask what time your curtain is either when you make a reservation or when you sit down and make sure that you are out on time. Of all the places I have been for pre-opera meals (which includes Picholine, although to be fair, it was before their renovations), Boite en Bois is definitely my favorite.