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Dec 24, 2008 06:19 AM

Schweller's and Epsteins

We lived in Yonkers when I was growing up and frequently went to Jerome Avenue, around Gun Hill Road to eat. There was Epstein's Kosher Deli, Schweller's Kosher Deli, Jade Gardens Chinese restaurant and a great bagel/bialy store with one door marked "Bagels" and one marked "Bialys" but they led to the same store, with the bagels made right there in front of you. Those were great bagels/bialys. Can't find those anymore. Schweller's was more of a restaurant than Epsteins and they had old waiters that shook when they brought you the food. There was one waiter named Jerry who would put aside a piece of their chocolate layer cake for me as soon as my parents and I walked in. Does anyone else have any memories of this area?

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  1. Oh my yes!! You really bring back memories. I lived on Kossuth from 1975 to 1981, and knew all the places you describe. There was also a superb Jewish bakery, whose name I am struggling to remember. The only supermarket on the block was a small grubby place called Olinsky's -- my ex and I called it Schmutzig Olinsky's. I actually saw two ladies come to blows over a cabbage there. One of the Jade Garden waiters lived next door to us, was deaf as a post, and used to listen to a shortwave broadcast of this native music at 4 am at top volume. I do remember eating at Jade Garden just once -- the soup closely resembled dishwater. But the waiter was so pleased to see us.

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      I forgot about Olinksy's! We actually ended up giving up Jade Gardens and heading to Mandarin Gardens in Yonkers - where Charlie Brown's is now.

    2. Epsteins is still around! One in Hartsdale and one on Central Ave in Yonkers. I was there a few years ago, and it was the original owner!

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        Yes, it's the same owners, but not what is used to be.