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Dec 24, 2008 06:06 AM

Freezing Butternut Squash

I've got a butternut squash that likely won't make it if I don't do something with it before I leave for the holidays. I'd like to use it for soup. Do I roast it and freeze it or cut it up, freeze it, and then roast it?


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  1. When did you buy it? In a cool, dry place, hard-skinned squashes last for months. I recently made curried squash and apple soup from a butternut bought at a farmstand 2 months earlier. It seems to me that the flavor actually develops with storage. Last year I made the soup right away and thought the squash had less taste.

    Sounds like your recipe requires the squash be roasted. If so, do that first, then freeze. If not, cut it up and freeze it raw. It's easier to peel if you nuke the whole squash on medium heat for a few minutes - this won't be enough to cook the flesh but will soften the peel enough to make it easier and safer to peel. Or, make the soup now and freeze - pureed squash soups freeze very well.

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      Thank you! The squash was only purchased abotu 3 weeks ago, but I noticed a soft spot that and am worried that it is going to start going bad.

      1. re: Magnificat2005

        I'd cook, then freeze, and count on using it in pureed form.

    2. Another vote for roast, then freeze. Freezing will make the water in the squash expand and burst cell walls, creating mush, so you might want to puree, or even make the whole soup, then freeze. I have several frozen containers of butternut soup right now--it thaws and reheats perfectly.