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Dec 24, 2008 05:42 AM

Live lobster

Looking for some live lobster for tonight's Christmas eve dinner? Any good places to buy? I am a little concerned about quality. I work in Scarborough, but live in Markham. What is a reasonable price to pay today?

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  1. I live in Windsor right now, so my options are very few. I just ordered two lobsters for New Year's Eve from my local Zehrs (Loblaws). I was told that lobsters this week are $8.99 per pound, but there will be a special on for Dec. 29, 30, and 31 of $6.99 per pound, which is super cheap. In past years, I've paid anything from $10.99-15.99 per pound, so now's the time to buy. In Toronto, I've bought quality lobsters from Bill's on Gerrard, Avenue Seafood (Eglinton or Avenue/Lawrence location) and Pisces ($$$$$), but alas, none are in the Markham or Scarborough areas. I'm sure someone else will have suggestions for places closer to your neck of the woods. Best of luck! One more thing: I always ask to see the lobsters off of ice/cold packs, to make sure they're alive and kicking. One year, one lobster was very lethargic and the other was dead. My SO picked them up from the store and didn't know to check them for activity. They were disappointing in flavour and texture. I hope never to be faced with that situation again.

    1. If you live in Markham, you could go to Bergon Lobster, at 500 Don Park Road, Unit 4, Markham, Telephone: 905 475 6374. They are open until 4:00 p.m. today and the lobster is $9.95 per pound. Cheers.

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        Thanks for the recommendations. Bergon is at 50 Don Park Road. It looks interesting! It might turn into my first seafood store in Markham. I have lived here for 6 years and have lamented some good food shopping, especially good seafood.

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          Here is a thread with 96 very recent posts on the subject of pricing and location of live lobster. The recommendation of Bergon by farmgirl1836 is a very good one.

      2. Perhaps someone can help you with more info on this but there is a place in Thornhill just north of the railroad tracks that run across the top of the city. I don't remember the name of it but I bought some lobsters in there once and they were fine.

        I think it's on Glencameron.


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            they closed their location on glen cameron a few months ago. They said they were planning on moving to Yonge St where the old lcbo was. I still don't think they've re-opened as of yet. I miss this place and hope they come back soon.


            I've tried calling (no answer) and emailing (bounced back), the website hasn't been updated in ages...

        1. Metro has live lobster on sale now for $7.99 a pound.

          Not sure if they're available at all locations, or if the quality varies from store to store, but we've been buying them occasionally from the Liberty Village location since it first opened as a Dominion, and we've always been happy with them.

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            I'm getting lobster from Bill's Lobster tomorrow-they're open on Xmas! Open til 7pm tonight I believe.

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              Bill's Lobster my choice always. Great quality. Multiple sizes


            George gets them fresh 2 times per week from Nova Scotia. He supplies most of the better restaurants and grocery stores in the city.

            Get them from him.