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Dec 24, 2008 05:40 AM

best value in Vancouver under $20

can anyone recommend best value red and white wine to bring to a dinner party thanks in advance and merry xmas to all p,s no idea why they posted my first attempt on the wine board

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  1. My first thought was to go with D'Arenberg's The Stumpjump for the red. It's easy to find, $15 and is a good, well rounded big Australian red blend (Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre). Another option for the red, and it's ridiculously cheap, but good, is an $11 bottle of Trapiche Malbec from Argentina. Very serviceable, and was well received at a tasting I was at. For the white I'd be looking at Dr. Loosen Riesling from Germany, $18, also easy to find.

    However... if you are looking to go local, I think I'd head down to the nearest VQA store, or even just a private store, and see if you could pick up a bottle of Church & State Pinot Noir (Burrowing Owl's former winemaker started this winery) for $20 and then for the white, I'd try hard to find Wild Goose Gewurztraminer for $20. If that couldn't be had, See Ya Later Ranch Gewurztraminer is quite tasty and is easy to find for $16.

    Good luck! That is odd about the wine board posting. I find it dominated by Americans who don't realize the wine situation in Canada (and even between provinces) is completely different.

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      I'm assuming that the wine you (vandan) are looking to buy are for pre and post dinner quaffing (and not paired to the food). Stumpjump and Dr Loosen Reisling that peter.v mentioned are particular favourites here (I have a bottle of each now, actually).

      Going downscale and still quite delicious are Castano Montrasell Yecla 2006/7 ($11) and Vila Regia Duoro 2005/6 ($9!). You get two(!) bottles of red that fit within your budget. I haven't found a white I liked in this range. Hoping some folks have some recs.

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        keep the suggestions coming ppl, wine is something i know little about but am keen to learn more about in the coming year

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          I often refer to Anthony Gismondi's site for recs:

          He hasn't steered me wrong yet.

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        Go to Kit's Wine Cellars. They currently have 25 cases of the Domain Tournon, "Shiraz or Syrah". This is a wine by M. Chapoutier, but one of his Australian ventures. This wine used to retail for $29 but the agency decided to jump ship in B.C. and it's now being blown out at $16. It's is DELICIOUS. A awesome blend between Australia and France. Nose is all raspberry/blackberry, mouth so clean and smooth. Very elegant and EASILY the best deal around. The same agency is blowing out the Alidis Tinto Crianza through Kti's. It's wholesaling for $17, used to be over $20. Very, very, good Ribera Del Duero.

        For lower, lower end, I've bought a case of the, "Trio" 2002 from Kit's. It's $13.50, unfiltered, quality wine. I would say the best 'real' bargain that I've found in B.C.. Tempranillo, Syrah, Granache. GoGoGo.

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          Woot! I was hoping you would post some recs.

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            awesome, great sleuthing on your part

        2. Another ridiculously cheap, tasty option is Finca Los Primos Malbec (Chile). It's about $9 a bottle and once you let it breathe a bit, it's really excellent.