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Dec 24, 2008 05:28 AM

best value under $20

can anyone recommend best value red and white wine to bring to a dinner party in Vancouver

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  1. btw thanks in advance and merry xmas to all

    1. Isn't that a bit like asking someone to recommend a good restaurant, without knowing what kind of food the person enjoys, hates, is allergic to?

      What one person loves in a red or a white wine is not necessarily what you might love (or, more importantly, your dinner hosts).

      Are you bringing bottles of wine FOR dinner that evening -- in which case it would help tremendously to know what is for dinner -- or are you bringing the wine as a gift to the host and hostess?

      If it is the latter, and you just want to give your hosts a present, I'd skip the thought of bringing both a red and a white, and give them one really nice bottle . . . that way, they will receive one present when you give them the bottle, and another when they finally open it. In other words, don't expect them to open their gift that night . . .

      If it is the former, and you have been asked to actually bring the wine for dinner -- you need to know what's for dinner.


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        hosts hardly drink and know almost nothng about wine it is a gift that might well end up shared that night, not exacrly sure what is on menu although salmon has been mentioned , one of hosts is a vegan the other some meat, i'm not planning on bringing both but hadn't decided on which hence 1 of each

        1. re: vandan

          Yoiur best course of action is to ask someone where you will buy the wine. If you're limited to what's sold through the LCBO, many of us south of the border may end up making fruitless suggestions.

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            ya i tried to post this in my regional board and for whatever reason it got moved to hee

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              FWIW, the OP is in British Columbia, not Ontario, so the LCBO isn't an issue.

            2. re: vandan

              Your best bet is to go to Marquis Wine Cellars, which is located at1034 Davie Street
              Vancouver, BC V6E 1M3. Their phone is (604) 684-0445. They have -- BY FAR -- the best wine selection in Vancouver (at least that I've ever found), and the staff there is quite knowledgeable. Trust them . . .

              Marquis Wine Cellars
              Vancouver, BC, Cananda, Vancouver, BC , CA

              1. re: zin1953

                ya i've heard good things about them and they are close, thanks for reminding me of them

              2. re: vandan

                I have always found a pinot noir to work with most savory vegetable, fish and meat dishes. While I often have a white on the table with salmon, I always offer a Pinot Noir because the way I prepare it (Alaskan Style) I find the pairing to be nearly perfect.

                Though I've been particularly fond of Pinot Noir from New Zealand of late (I find that in general the texture is softer and the finish longer), the French varieties with a dryer finish can work just as well. And of course there are the American West Coast Pinots popularized in the past few years thanks to that movie. When you get to that local wine shop they can make suggestions for you. Good luck, and happy holidays!

            3. if they have the 05 chateau ste. michelle indian wells get that. I served this at a party where everyone brought a bottle and this was the only wine that people kept coming back for seconds, third, etc.

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              1. re: wineglas

                there is a great book that is Canadian called Had a Glass. It is their opinion on the 100 best wines of 2009 under $20 (CAD), available in Canada. The guys who wrote it are from B.C. and with some searching you should be able to find most of them. I am in Alberta and have tried a few from the '08 book, and was happy. a decent resource to have on hand.

                here is a link to the book:

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  Great tip, cleopatra999, I'll be checking this book out soon! Thanks!

              2. Lately I have been getting the best value from Argentinian Malbecs. I don't know what the prices are in BC but here I am finding $8 - $12 Malbecs that drink like $20 - $30 wines from California.

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                  we are in Alberta (generally cheaper for wine than BC) and we can get our Malbecs for a minimum of about 12$ or 13$. and I agree they are great value!! Kaiken is my favorite inexpensive one.