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Dec 23, 2008 09:51 PM

Markets in Madrid

I'm going to be in Madrid for a week over New Year's and am appreciating all of the restaurant ideas on this board, but would like to be able to cook at home too and am wondering where the best food markets are at this time of year. Any suggestions would be welcome, both for food buying and browsing. We are staying near the Esperanza metro stop, but know that we'll need to spend a lot of time on the metro and wandering around exploring restaurants and museums. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

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  1. There are food markets in just about every neighborhood in Madrid. The centrally located ones are: Cebada in Latina, Anton Martin near Santa/Ana-Atocha, San Miguel (think it is opened after a long renovation) near Plaza Mayor; a little further out are: La Paz in Salamanca and Mercado Chamartin.
    The Esperanza metro stop is quite away from the center. The nearest mercado might be Chamartin which is not too near. Also, for convenience and longer hours, there are the the food halls in the El Corte Ingles department stores.

    1. Mercado de Chamartín is a good one and not so far (a very easy cab ride, not such a great walk, since the M-30 is in between). It's on a different metro line, but right next to metro Colombia. Staying on your metro line, you can get off at Velázquez and go to Mercado de la Paz. Mercado de Chamberí at the Alonso Cano or the Iglesia stops (not on your line) is a a nice smaller market with primo stuff. There might be a small market closer to Esperanza, but the three I mentioned above aren't far and are all worth visiting.

      Mercado de San Antón (Chueca) and Mercado de San Miguel (Centro) are both still closed and will be for quite a while.

      Remember, the markets are closed from 2-5pm and are only open in the mornings on Saturday.

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        Thank you so much! We're excited to see all of them. Do you think Mercado de Chamartín or Mercado de la Paz will be open on the 31st? I don't imagine that we'll be able to get a table for dinner that night anywhere at this point.

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          As I remember, the markets are open on the 31st (though they might close a bit early--I can look at mine this week and let you know what the exact hours will be). I recommend going early, it's a madhouse on that day since most people eat a big meal at home that night.