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Dec 23, 2008 09:22 PM

Beer from Mission Brewery in SD

I went to a beer festival before Thanksgiving and had the best Hefeweizen beer ever that was brewed by Mission Brewery (based in San Diego). It had, of all things, a banana flavor going on which was really unique, clean, and great tasting. Does anyone know where their beer is being served around town?

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    1. re: trentyzan

      Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for. I know a lot of folks have other Karl Strauss (their hef is good!) and Gordon Biersch (who was pouring right next to Mission at the SD Brewer's Guild Beer Fest...and while the Hef was good, I didn't get any banana flavor from it.) but I was really looking for a specific very banana-esque beer by Mission Brewery. That particular beer was uniqely refreshing and I want more of it. :o) (Also, as I started doing a broader search, learned they are no longer brewing out of the place at UTC Shopping Mall...they are somewhere in South Bay.). Thanks again!!

    2. All the fresh brewed Hefeweizens I have tasted have a banana flavor to them.

      I usually get it from San Diego Brewing Company/Callaghans.

      I had a sampler at Oggi's recently and that Hefe also has a very banana-y in flavor. Same at Gordon Biersch this past summer...

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        That banana flavor is found in Barvarian-style Weizens, both the Hefe- & the Kristall (clear, unyeasted) styles; you might want to try a Berliner Weiß if you want to avoid the Banana/Cloves flavor, but those can be more sour tasting due to the higher amount of Wheat in the receipt than is used in the South. I know Karl Strauss sometimes does a Berliner Weiß, and I think Toronado had the Bruery's version on tap in the Fall.

      2. The type of yeast that is used in the Hefe gives that banana flavor, some also give a clove taste.

        Mission Brewery leases their space inside the cuban restaurant in UTC, and they have it on tap there, although the restaurant does a poor job of promoting it. Their production is spotty (although the quality is very good - award-winning too) though so I don't see it on tap regularly at any one spot but SDBC is a good bet as Cathy said. The "Availability" listing isn't an up-to-date listing, just their accounts.

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        1. re: MrKrispy

          "Mission Brewery leases their space inside the cuban restaurant in UTC"

          Aha - so that is why the tanks are still around. "Poor job of promoting" it is an understatement - I walk by that place many times a week, and I was entirely unaware that a brewery was associated with the place, much less had things on tap there.

          I give that restaurant about six months - it's empty even when the mall is full. I though the various incarnation of brewpubs did poorly there, but it seems that the Miami Grille is doing even worse.

          1. re: RB Hound

            I think Miami Grill has been around at least a year already haha

            1. re: MrKrispy

              I should have written that as "six more months." I know they've been open a year.

              The mall was jam packed today with last minute Christmas shoppers, the Miami Grille was open, and yet at 12:30 PM there were no, zero, diners in there. I wondered if the open sign was simply lit by mistake, but I saw a chef standing by the grill, watching the world go by.

              It's a niche that is simply not working in that location.

              1. re: RB Hound

                That location has NEVER worked for any of the restaurants there!
                Every single thing in that building has failed.

        2. Lambics are a traditional type of Beligian beer which use a number of different types of fruits. People have been making Banana lambics, among other fruit flavors, for some time. Here's an example:

          1. I found out that the Blind Lady in Normal Heights on Adams is carrying a few Mission Brewery beers not to mention a ton more quality beers. Good stuff! Cheers!