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Dec 23, 2008 08:42 PM

looking for old cookie recipe

i am looking for an old mexican cookie recipe that my aunt made when we where kids the recipe got lost a long time ago and i am looking for it to bring back a family tradition it is like a thick pie crust its made with red wine and rolled in sugar and cinnamin at the end the only name i know is a biscocohe spelling ? thanks in advance

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  1. Are you looking for Biscochitos, big?

    If so, here's one recipe that uses wine:

    There's another recipe on the same site that uses brandy, instead. To see that recipe, type in "Biscochitos I" in the search box.

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      thanks for the help those may be them the recipe looks close ours were a little darker but we used red wine or port in them so i think i will give them a try