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Good Restaurant In Avila Beach

danbgf Dec 23, 2008 07:54 PM

Hey all. Looking to take my parents out to a nice dinner in Avila Beach to thank them for taking my girlfriend and and I on vacation with them. Any suggestions?

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    heckonwheels Dec 24, 2008 06:07 AM

    The Customs House is good in the middle of town. For a bit more atmosphere, it's hard to beat the Olde Port Inn at the end of the pier.

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      toodie jane Dec 24, 2008 02:49 PM

      Custom House has gone downhill a bit. Seems to cater more to tourists than to return locals. Though we've gone there many times over the years (including the original location) this past visit for lunch was dissappointing. Fish sandwich served on a greasy cheese-crusted garlic bread was mushy pieces of mahi mahi which fell apart and made eating the sandwich near impossible. First the server insisted the fish sandwich has always been served that way, then switched to "we've upgraded to a better fish, mahi mahi." Really dissapointing. Left a "bad taste" (figure of speech) in our mouths and we are not likely to return.

      Sycamore Hot Springs resort has a very nice restaurant., The Gardens of Avila. Beautiful at night and very cozy dining. Nice attentive staff. About halfway out to AB on AB Rd, on the left. http://www.sycamoresprings.com/dining...

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        PolarBear Dec 24, 2008 03:05 PM

        Don't you just love servers trying to tell you that it's you, not the dish? Sometimes I wonder if the management issues CYA directives? Do you know who the head chef is at G of A? It's been spectacular in the past, then less so at following times.

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          KenWritez Jan 2, 2009 01:26 AM

          I heartily second the G of A. It's the best fine dining restaurant in the area, IMHO. I give it 10s in every category. I especially liked the service; the waiter was attentive without being intrusive and answered every question we asked of him. The interior is beautiful, lots of dark hardwoods, but airy, and the food was spectacular.

      2. toodie jane Jan 1, 2009 04:17 PM

        Haven't eaten there myself since about 2oo4, but according to the website, Chef David McWilliams is a graduate of CIA/Hyde Park, externed at Charlie Trotter's in Chicago, graduated CIA in 2002, and came back to California to work for 3 years at A.P. Stump's before moving to Garden of Avila in 2005.

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